How do I transfer files from phone to Ubuntu?

Just plug in your phone to the PC via USB cable. And then on the phone you will get a prompt saying Allow access to phone data? , or something similar to this (depending on the brand and model). Click allow or something similar to this (depending on the brand and model).

How do I transfer files from Android to Ubuntu?

How to Install Android File Transfer for Linux on Ubuntu

  1. Download/Upload files and directories.
  2. Create new directories.
  3. Supports drag and drop feature.
  4. Delete files from Android device.
  5. A dialog box to view the progress of file transfer.

How do I transfer files from phone to Linux laptop?

On your Android device, install KDE Connect with the following steps:

  1. Open up the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Search for KDE Connect.
  3. Locate and tap the entry by the KDE Community.
  4. Tap Install.
  5. Allow the installation to complete.

How do I connect my phone to Ubuntu?

Make sure that the Android device you’re using and your Ubuntu Linux PC are on the same network, then:

  1. Open the KDE Connect app on your phone.
  2. Select the “Pair a new device” option.
  3. You should see your system’s name appear in the list of “Atvailable devices”.
  4. Tap your system to send a pair request to your system.

How do I backup my Android phone to Ubuntu?

To start the backup process, go to the terminal and enter this backup command. It’ll take text messages and other bits of app data, and store it into an encrypted file. Running the backup command will prompt the user to look at Android and set a password for the file before Android will run the backup procedure.

How can I access Ubuntu files from Android?

How to Access Ubuntu PC Files From Your Android Phone

  1. Pre-requirement. A Laptop with WiFi, running Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Kali Linux or any other Linux based Operating System. …
  2. Setting Up Your Laptop. Install OpenSSH. …
  3. Setting Up Your Android Device. …
  4. Connecting Both and Access Files.

How do I enable MTP on my Android?


  1. Navigate to ‘Apps’ > ‘Power Tools’ > ‘EZ Config’ > ‘Generator’
  2. Open DeviceConfig.xml. Expand ‘DeviceConfig’ > ‘Other Settings’ Tap ‘Set USB Mode’ and set to required option. MTP – Media Transfer Protocol (File transfers) PTP – Photo Transfer Protocol. Select ‘Update Configure’ Save.
  3. Reboot the device.

How do I access my phone on Linux?

Steps to access Android Devices in Ubuntu, Linux Mint

Plug in your Android device using USB cable in Ubuntu. In your Android device, swipe down from above in the home screen and click Touch for more options. In the next menu, select option “Transfer File (MTP)“.

How do I transfer files from my phone to my laptop?

Option 2: Move files with a USB cable

  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. With a USB cable, connect your phone to your computer.
  3. On your phone, tap the “Charging this device via USB” notification.
  4. Under “Use USB for,” select File Transfer.
  5. A file transfer window will open on your computer.

How do you use MTP tools?

MTP USB device on Android

After connecting the device to a PC with the USB cable, drag down the notification panel. You will see a notification about how you want to connect your device to your PC. Then just enable the Transfer Files option from the selection menu.

How can I control my Ubuntu phone?

Here are the steps:

  1. Connect the device to the same Wi-Fi as your computer.
  2. Connect your phone over USB (don’t worry, this is temporary, you can unplug later)
  3. Get your device IP address (in Settings → About phone → Status)
  4. Enable adb over TCP/IP on your device: adb tcpip 5555.

How do I access MTP in Linux?

Try this:

  1. apt-get install mtpfs.
  2. apt-get install mtp-tools. # yes could be one line (this is optional)
  3. sudo mkdir -p /media/mtp/phone.
  4. sudo chmod 775 /media/mtp/phone. …
  5. Unplug the phone micro-USB and plug-in, then…
  6. sudo mtpfs -o allow_other /media/mtp/phone.
  7. ls -lt /media/mtp/phone.

How install KDE connect?

How to download and install KDE Connect and Indicator KDE Connect

  1. On your Android phone go to Google Play and search for KDE Connect.
  2. Install KDE Connect. …
  3. Go to your software manager and search for KDE Connect or KDEConnect.
  4. Click on Kdeconnect and choose Install.
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