Quick Answer: What iOS does iPod 4th generation have?

A black iPod touch (4th generation)
Operating system Original: iOS 4.1 iOS 5.0 (White model) Last: iOS 6.1.6, released February 21, 2014 Unofficial: iOS 7.1.2
System on a chip Apple A4
CPU ARM Cortex-A8 Apple A4 800 MHz
Memory 256 MB DRAM

Can I update my iPod 4 to iOS 10?

There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY an iPod 4th generation can be upgraded past iOS 6.1. 6. NONE! The ONLY iPod Touch model that CAN be upgraded to iOS 10 OR 11 is the current 6th gen iPod Touch!

Is iPod 4th generation still supported?

The iPod touch 5th Gen models, by contrast, are fully supported by iOS 6, iOS 7, and iOS 8. The devices are supported by iOS 9, as well. However, they are not supported by iOS 10.

iPod touch Q&A – Updated July 11, 2016.

iPod touch 4th Gen (2010, 2011, 2012) iPod touch 5th Gen (2012, 2013, 2014)
iOS 10 Support: None None

Can you update iPod 4 to iOS 9?

In iTunes, select your device icon on the bar at the top. 3) Now click on the Summary tab and click Check for Update. 4) To download and install iOS 9, click Download and Update.

How can iPod 4 Get iOS 8?

To update with iTunes, simply plug in your device, select it from the sidebar, and in the Summary section, click Check for Update. Click Download and Update and sit back while iOS 8 is added to your device.

How do you update a 4th generation iPod?

To download iOS 6.1. 6 firmware for your iPod touch 4th generation, visit IPSW.me, select your device and click download. Make sure the firmware you select is signed. (Alternatively, you can use this link to download directly).

What is the highest iOS for iPod touch 4th gen?

List of supported iOS devices

Device Max iOS Version Physical Extraction
iPod Touch (3rd generation) 5.1.1 Yes
iPod Touch (4th generation) 6.1.6 Yes
iPod Touch (5th generation) 9.x No
iPod Touch (6th generation) 10.2.0 No

What can I do with an old iPod touch 4th generation?

8 Clever Ways to Reuse Your Old iPhone or iPod Touch

  • Donate your iPhone. …
  • Make it a dedicated car music repository. …
  • iPhones are amazing hand-me-downs. …
  • Set up a video surveillance system. …
  • Repurpose it as a fancy baby monitor. …
  • Channel surf with it. …
  • Make it a high-tech digital cookbook. …
  • Save it for a really bad day.

How big is the iPod 4th generation?

iPod Touch (4th generation)

A black iPod touch (4th generation)
Dimensions 110 mm (4.3 in) H 58 mm (2.3 in) W 7.1 mm (0.28 in) D
Mass 101 g (3.6 oz)
Predecessor iPod Touch (3rd generation)
Successor iPod Touch (5th generation)

Can old iPod be updated?

You need to use iTunes to install or update the software on an iPod nano, iPod shuffle, or iPod classic, and you can also use iTunes to update iOS on your iPod touch. … All you need to do is select which updates to download and then click the Install button to download them.

Can you update an old iPod to iOS 9?

It’s most likely an iPod touch model 1 or 2 so it cannot be updated to iOS 9. The Settings>General>Software Update comes with iOS 5 and later.

Can you download apps on an iPod touch 4th generation?

3 Answers. Go into itunes on the computer. Then, using which ever Apple ID the iPod is connected to, download the apps you want (on your computer itunes). Then go into your iPod, find the app in the app store and tap on the download button.

How do I update my old iPod touch to iOS 8?

Once you have got the latest version, connect the iOS device to your computer. In iTunes, select your device from the bar on the top-right. Now click on the Summary tab and click on Check for Update. To download and install iOS 8, click Download and Update.

How do I update my iPod touch to iOS 14?

Update iOS on iPod touch

  1. Go to Settings > General > Software Update.
  2. Tap Customize Automatic Updates (or Automatic Updates). You can choose to automatically download and install updates.
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