Question: Where is iTunes on my Windows 10 computer?

How do I know if I have iTunes on Windows 10?

What version of iTunes am I using?

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. On the menu bar at the top left corner, click the iTunes menu and select About iTunes.
  3. A window appears with scrolling text (press the Space bar to freeze the text). The first text that appears displays the iTunes version.

Where can I find iTunes for windows?

If you have Windows 10, you can also get iTunes from the Microsoft Store. If you have trouble installing iTunes from Apple’s website, download iTunes from the Microsoft Store. If you can’t download or update iTunes from the Microsoft Store, contact Microsoft for help.

How do I access my iTunes account on my computer?

On a PC, open iTunes for Windows. Sign in with your Apple ID. In the menu bar on your Mac or PC, choose Account > View My Account. Sign in with your Apple ID.

Is there iTunes for Windows 10?

iTunes is finally available for download from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 computers. … The app’s arrival in the Microsoft Store is more significant for Windows 10 S users, whose computers can’t install apps from anywhere but Microsoft’s official app store. Windows 10 S users can finally use iTunes.

What is the latest version of iTunes on Windows 10?

10 for Windows (Windows 64 bit)

How do I install iTunes on Windows 10?

How to download and install iTunes for Windows 10

  1. Launch your favorite web browser from the Start menu, taskbar, or desktop.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click Download Now. …
  4. Click Save. …
  5. Click Run when the download is complete. …
  6. Click Next.

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How can I install iTunes on my PC?


  1. Introduction.
  2. 1Download the iTunes installer from the Apple site.
  3. 2Run the iTunes installer.
  4. 3Click the option to accept the terms of the License Agreement, and then click Next.
  5. 4Choose iTunes installation options.
  6. 5Choose the language iTunes should use.
  7. 6Choose the destination folder for iTunes.

Do I need iTunes on my computer?

No, you do not need iTunes, but Apple will do everything it can to make you keep it.

Can you still download iTunes?

“The iTunes Store will remain the same as it is today on iOS, PC, and Apple TV. And, as always, you can access and download all of your purchases on any of your device,” Apple explains on its support page. … But the point is: Even though iTunes is going away, your music and iTunes gift cards are not.

Why can’t I sign into iTunes on my computer?

If your computer still doesn’t connect, make sure your internet connection is working—open a web browser and visit a website. If your internet connection is OK, there may be a problem with the iTunes Store. Try visiting the store again later. Make sure your computer’s date, time, and time zone are set correctly.

Can you log into iTunes without downloading it?

You can’t use iTunes without downloading it. In any event, iTunes is an integral part of the macOS . It will already be on your computer.

How do I see my iTunes account?

Open iTunes on your PC, choose Account, then select View My Account. If you’re signed in to iTunes with your Apple ID, you’ll see your account name and email address.

Does iTunes still exist for Windows?

With iTunes for Windows, you can manage your entire media collection in one place. Subscribe to Apple Music to access millions of songs. Buy music and movies from the iTunes Store. And sync content from your computer to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

How long does it take to install iTunes on Windows 10?

It seemed stuck while in the calculation phase of the installation after the download was long since completed. The entire process probably took about 30 minutes.

Will iTunes for windows be discontinued?

iTunes will be replaced on Windows.

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