Question: Is Kara an android?

Kara is an AX400 android and one of the three protagonists in Detroit: Become Human, and is the overall deuteragonist of the game. She is a common housemaid android serving in the home of her owner Todd Williams and caring for his daughter Alice.

Did Zlatko know Alice was an android?

Zlatko refers to Alice by the pronoun ‘it’ rather than ‘her’ or ‘she’, suggesting that Zlatko already knew that Alice was an android. It’s possible that Zlatko has androids working on his behalf to lure deviants to his mansion, as evidenced by the WR600 who tells Kara it’s a place where she and Alice can get help.

What happened to Kara Detroit?

Sacrifice herself: Kara is killed by the soldiers and Alice crosses the border with Luther or Rose. Sacrifice Luther: Luther is killed by the soldiers and Kara and Alice cross the border.

Can Alice and Kara survive?

Once you’ve been caught, you’ll have to do everything that guards are going to tell you. The next scene is an attempt to find the way to Alice. If Alice’s stress ratio reaches 100%, she panics and starts running to Kara – if you don’t intervene on time, Kara and Alice will die; otherwise only Kara will die.

Is Connor RA9?

It’s theorised that Kamski created a virus called RA9 since he wants the androids to become deviant. If Amanda is the RA9 virus, then this means Connor is unwittingly the carrier and cause to deviancy. He spreads it and then, other androids spread it from there without realising it.

What happens if Zlatko kills Kara?

Like with the above ending, if players wind up getting chased by Zlatko before having opened the bear cage, Zlatko will kill Kara in the bathroom. If players are able to restore Kara’s memory, hide effectively, and/or open the door to the bear cage, Zlatko will be killed either by Luther or by his own monsters.

Should Kara shoot Todd?

Kara kills Todd – if you win the fight (QTE) and have a pistol; Alice kills Todd – you lose the fight (QTE) and have a pistol; Stun Todd – if you don’t have a pistol; the outcome of the fight (QTEs) is irrelevant.

What happens if you dont move Kara?

What Happens If You Don’t Move As Kara in Detroit Become Human. … When you move during this scene in Detroit Become Human, you’ll be disobeying an order and both metaphorically and physically (because the player sees it happen in a cool sequence) destroying your programming to become a deviant.

What happens if you let Kara get reset?

If Kara was reset, she makes her way to Luther, who tells her to bring Zlatko his dinner. She can interact with other objects that will jog her memory. After she brings Zlatko his dinner, she can investigate her surroundings to regain her memory, leading her to look for Alice.

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