Quick Answer: How To Cover Windows?

How do you completely cover a window?

Part 1 Covering Up Your Windows

  • Cover your windows with privacy film.
  • Tape aluminum foil over your windows.
  • Purchase blackout curtains with liners.
  • Sew blackout curtains yourself.
  • Buy blackout shades.
  • Close blinds and drapes over the window covering.

How can I cover my windows cheaply?

Here are some awesome, easy, and budget friendly ways you can turn your blank window spaces stylish.

  1. Decorate Windows With Zebra Striped Cornices.
  2. Create Bamboo Roman Shades.
  3. Add Fabric to Drop Cloth Curtains.
  4. Use Napkin Rings as Drapery Ties.
  5. Make a Curved Cornice Board.
  6. Make Seasonal Curtains From Tablecloths.

How do you cover a window in the sun?

By completely covering your windows with aluminum foil, you will not only block the sun, but the aluminum foil will reflect the sun and lower your cooling bills. When putting aluminum foil on your windows, you will need to tape the foil in place with the shiny side facing out.

How do you cover a glass door for privacy?

Method 1 Frosting the Glass

  • Clean your glass door with water and vinegar. Pour 4 parts water and 1 part vinegar into a spray bottle.
  • Cover your doors using blue painter’s tape.
  • Spray on the frosted glass spray paint.
  • Leave the window to sit for 10 minutes to let it dry.

How do you cover up old windows?

Run a layer of joint compound over the crack between the new drywall and the old wall using a putty knife. To apply, pick up a gob of joint compound on the end of the putty knife and pull it along the seam holding the knife at a sharp angle. Use medium-firm pressure to force the compound into the crack.

How do you blackout a window?

A proven way to do blackout without a curtain rod is to use black fabric cut to the window size. Put up Velcro dots on the window frame, placed strategically to match Velcro on the fabric. You can actually make fabric to look like Roman shades. Looks great, no screws or hardware and easy to wash.

How do you cover windows to keep a cold out?

Here are seven methods of keeping cold air from coming through your windows and doors.

  1. Use Weather Strips. Weather strips are an inexpensive way to seal doors and windows in your home.
  2. Install New Door Sweeps.
  3. Apply Foam Tape.
  4. Insulate with Window Film.
  5. Hang Insulated Curtains.
  6. Re-Caulk Windows and Doors.
  7. Use a Door Snake.

How do you blackout a window light?

The Velcro fastening system seals tight around the window frame without the light you have with other blackout curtains, liners, shades, or blinds. Simply place the cover over the window and press around the edges to seal. Pull the cover off when light is desired. Rolls neatly away when not in use.

What can I use to cover a window?


  • Install blinds for a clean, adjustable look.
  • Choose wood blinds for your office, den, or study.
  • Opt for vertical blinds in a window that’s wider than it is tall.
  • Use shades for a soft covering that allows ambient light.
  • Select Roman shades in more formal dining or living rooms.

Does bubble wrap really insulate windows?

Bubble wrap is often used to insulate greenhouse windows in the winter, but it also seems to work fine for windows in the house. You can use it with or without regular or insulating window shades. It also works for windows of irregular shape, which can be difficult to find insulating shades for.

Does foil on windows keep heat out?

Tin foil works effectively to block radiant heat. Because of this, some people use it to block the heat of the sun by securing it over windows. The foil is simply placed over the glass window panes — on the inside of the house — and secured with tape.

How do I reduce the heat in my window?

Heat control film is composed of treated micro-thin layers of film that block ultraviolet rays and reduce the summer heat that comes through the window. If you have room that gets too hot from direct sunlight, consider installing a heat control window film to keep the room cooler.

What can I put on windows for privacy?

Options Under $25

  1. Frosted spray paint for privacy in bathroom windows.
  2. Frosted contact paper window treatments.
  3. Privacy window vinyl static film.
  4. DIY privacy screen using lace or sheer fabric.
  5. Hang thrifted art over part or all of your bathroom window.
  6. Install inexpensive bathroom window curtains.

Can you frost glass?

Believe it or not, you can frost glass with a special type of spray paint. Clean the glass throughly and tape off the window or door frame. Apply a thin coat of the spray paint and let it dry. Apply additional coats, if you wish for great opacity.

How do you cover a glass bathroom window?


  • Spray frosted spray paint on the window as an easy fix.
  • Cover the window with a vinyl film to obscure the view.
  • Install inexpensive window curtains to leave the window untouched.
  • Use shower-grade plantation shutters to block out the window.
  • Install water-resistant blinds to easily adjust the light.

How do you insulate a room without removing the drywall?

Walls. You can also add insulation to existing walls without removing drywall, by cutting holes in the exterior siding. Blow either loose fill cellulose or spray foam into walls from the outside, with similar techniques.

How much does it cost to take a window out?

Window replacement costs on average $175 to $700 per window. Common high-end windows types can cost between $800 to $1,200. Installation cost can depend on several factors.

How do you hide a window?

To click and hide, for example, you need to press and hold down CTRL + ALT and then click anywhere on a window. That program will disappear and can be bought back by using the Toggle All Windows keyboard shortcut, by right clicking on the icon in the system tray or by pressing the Clicky Gone Menu keyboard shortcut.

How do you temporarily fix a broken window?


  1. Apply a piece of masking tape to both sides of a crack. Get a roll of masking tape and cut two pieces that are large enough to cover the entire crack or hole in your window.
  2. Paint over small holes or cracks with a clear nail polish.
  3. Glue a mesh patch over the cracks.
  4. Tape a piece of thick plastic around the hole.

How do I cover my car window?


  • Consider wearing gloves to protect your hands from damage by broken glass.
  • For an extra-strong hold, tape over the middle of the plastic bag until the entire window is covered by duct tape.
  • Be certain to cover your car window as soon as possible after you notice it’s broken.

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