How do I use WD My Passport on Windows 10?

How do I get my WD Passport to work on Windows?

How To Make WD Passport Work On Mac And Windows

  1. Turn On Your Mac And Log In. …
  2. Look For The External Hard Drive Icon On Your Desktop. …
  3. Choose Your Western Digital My Passport External Drive. …
  4. Give Your External Passport Drive A Name. …
  5. Pick Your My Passport Drive A Second Time. …
  6. Then Select The ExFAT Format.

How do I use my WD My Passport as an external hard drive?

From the manufacturer

  1. Step 1: Connect the USB cable to your My Passport and to your Windows PC.
  2. Step 2: Open My Passport and install WD Discovery from the drive.
  3. Step 3: Activate WD Backup and WD Security to password protect your data.

How do I activate my WD Passport?

Always register your My Passport Go drive to get the latest updates and special offers. You can easily register your drive using the WD Discovery software. Another way is to register online at

Why won’t my WD Passport work on my PC?

If the WD Passport drive shows up, it is the damaged USB hub that stops WD from showing up. If the WD passport is not detected either on your current or the new PC, replace the WD drive with a new one.

Does WD My Passport work with Windows 10?

WD My Passport Ultra is an external hard drive that users can utilize with Windows 10 desktops and laptops.

How do I connect my passport Ultra to Windows 10?

And here are detailed steps.

  1. Open Disk Management. Here are two ways for you to open Disk Management in Windows 10. Press Windows + R, input msc in the dialogue box and press Enter.
  2. Assign a drive letter for the WD My Passport Ultra drive. Select the WD My Passport Ultra drive on the main interface of Disk Management.

How do I save files to WD My Passport?

Open a Web browser, then navigate to the site where the file you want to download is located. Right-click the file, then select “Save file as.” Click “Computer,” then double-click the drive labeled “Passport.” The file will be downloaded to the external hard drive.

How do I use WD Backup?

Click “My Own Backup Items,” and then select the libraries and folders you want to back up on the Smart Picks tab. If you want to back up all of the libraries and folders suggested by the program, click “Select All.” Click the “Select” button after choosing the data sources you want to back up on the WD Passport drive.

How do I unlock my WD Passport password?

In the “Support you need” choose the “Technical Support” option. In “Your Question” write your question like “I have forgotten the password of my WD Passport drive and I want to unlock”. Your question should be clear. Click “CHAT NOW” button.

Is WD Backup any good?

The WD My Book Essential is a good choice for a personal backup or plain ol’ external hard drive. The ability to protect your data with a password and 256-bit encryption is a welcome addition, and the integrated backup software, SmartWare, does a solid job of providing automatic backup.

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