How do I install Star Wars The Old Republic on Windows 10?

Does Star Wars The Old Republic work on Windows 10?

Most programs created for earlier versions of Windows, including Star Wars: The Old Republic, will work on Windows 10. … To resolve your concern, you may visit this link and run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter or change some settings on your computer so you can play the game.

How do I install Star Wars The Old Republic?

Please go to, download the latest launcher setup file and run the setup over the current installation. After this please remove and re-add firewall and antivirus exceptions for SWTOR.exe and Launcher.exe. Then run the Fixlauncher.exe found in the client installation folder.

Can you play Star Wars The Old Republic on a laptop?

You can get the game really well with an i5, 4-8GB of RAM, and a mid to high range dedicated mobile GPU. Use resources like ( I’m looking for a laptop that can run SWTOR with very little lag and 30+ FPS on max settings.

How do I get Star Wars Kotor to work on Windows 10?

1) Run the game in compatibility mode

  1. Right click on the games shortcut or .exe file and press on properties.
  2. Go to the compatibility tab and run the game in compatibility mode for an older version of windows such as windows XP.
  3. Apply the setting then press ok.

5 дек. 2016 г.

Why is swtor not launching?

The SWTOR not launching problem can be caused by a previous task session that didn’t end properly or the BitRaider background downloader that interferes with the game. … So, if you’re running multiple programs while gaming, please close them to rule out software conflicts and free up resources for your game.

Is swtor still free to play?

SWTOR Free to Play

Anyone can now play all of the story content from levels 1-60 completely free, with minor convenience restrictions. This includes: 8 distinct class stories, each with three chapters across 12 planets. First two expansions free.

Is swtor Worth Playing 2020?

Whether you’re new to Star Wars: Legends or new to MMOs in general, the game is most definitely worth playing in 2020. The biggest complaint about the game at the time of launch was that there was no end. … And for several years, there were still people playing SWTOR who complained that the game just wasn’t Galaxies.

How big is Star Wars the Old Republic?

32.6gb fresh install without bitraider.

How long does swtor take to install?

Around 1-1.5 hour if your ISP is good. Last time i had reinstall it took ~2hrs for me.

Is Star Wars the Old Republic hard to run?

While Star Wars: The Old Republic isn’t a hard game to run, you’ll want to make sure you exceed the minimum requirements.

Can you play swtor on Chromebook?

my old hp has taken a **** on me and im thinking about buying a chromebook my only question is will swtor work on the google chrome OS? No, it won’t.

What do I need to play Star Wars The Old Republic?

  1. Processor. AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ or better.
  2. Operating System.
  3. RAM.
  4. Graphics. Star Wars: The Old Republic requires a video card that has a minimum of 1GB of on-board RAM as well as support for Shader 3.0 or better. …
  5. Hard drive space. …
  6. DVD-ROM drive. …
  7. Internet connection.

21 авг. 2017 г.

Can my computer run Kotor?

Can I Run STAR WARS – Knights of the Old Republic? STAR WARS – Knights of the Old Republic will run on PC system with Windows XP and Windows Vista and upwards. Additionally it has a Mac version.

How do I stop Kotor from crashing?

How to Fix Kotor Crashing on Windows 10

  1. Solution 1: Turn off Various Graphics Settings.
  2. Solution 2: Update Your Graphics Drivers.
  3. Solution 3: Delete The Introductory Video Files.
  4. Solution 4: Run the Game in Compatibility Mode.
  5. Solution 5: Tweak the . ini File.
  6. Solution 6: Reinstall the Game.

4 сент. 2018 г.

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