How do I capture iOS console logs in Windows?

How do I collect iOS device logs?

Connect your iOS to your computer with a USB or Lightning cable. Go to Window > Devices and select your device from the list. Click the “up” triangle at the bottom left of the right hand panel. All logs from all apps on the device will be displayed here.

How can I see my iPhone logs without Xcode on Windows?

Get Crash Reports & Logs From iPhone or iPad Without Xcode

  1. Connect the iPad or iPhone to the Mac and sync it as usual.
  2. Hit Command+Shift+G and navigate to ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/
  3. For those with multiple iOS devices, select the proper device that you want to retrieve the crash log from.

How do I debug iOS on Windows?

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  1. Install iTunes on your Windows 10 PC. …
  2. Install Node. …
  3. Run Windows PowerShell as administrator. …
  4. Install the remotedebug-ios-webkit-adapter. …
  5. Connect your iOS device to your Windows 10 PC via USB. …
  6. Start the webkit adapter plugin listening on port 9000. …
  7. Enable web inspector on your iOS device.

Does an iPhone have an activity log?

Find activity​

At the top, tap Data & privacy. Under “History settings,” tap My Activity. View your activity: Browse through your activity, organized by day and time.

How do I view Apple crash logs?

You can use the Mac Console app to view any crash logs from your Mac or from the Simulator. And on the device under Settings, Privacy, Analytics, Analytics Data you can see all of the logs that are saved to disk and your users can share a log directly from this screen.

How do I view iOS crash logs?

Using Device window

Open Xcode > go to Window > Devices and Simulators > View device Logs under Device Information > Select your app and you can see crash logs. These are “symbolicated” using the local symbol information on your Mac.

How do I find the device log?

How to Obtain Device Logs Using Android Studio

  1. Connect your Android device to your computer over the USB cable.
  2. Open Android Studio.
  3. Click Logcat.
  4. Choose No Filters in the bar on the top right. …
  5. Highlight the wanted log messages and press Command + C.
  6. Open a text editor and paste all data.
  7. Save this log file as a .

How do I get Xcode logs on my Iphone?

Getting device logs from Xcode

  1. Connect your phone to your laptop and open Xcode.
  2. Select Device and Simulators from the Window menu. …
  3. Select your device from the left panel.
  4. Make sure that the logs are expanded. …
  5. Click the Save Console button (at the bottom right) to save the log information within the console.

How do I check logs in Xcode?

Use the log tool to retrieve log messages from a command-line. When you run your app in Xcode with the debugger attached, Xcode automatically displays logged messages. Similarly, you can use launch Instruments from inside Xcode to record and analyze signposts created by your app.

How do I debug Safari windows?

3, 2, 1, Debug!

  1. Open the web app URL in the device’s Safari browser or open the mobile app on the device.
  2. The Device menu for Chrome DevTools is displayed. In it, click on Configure… and add the port used for debugging:

How do I debug Safari in Windows?

Ctrl + “,” to open Safari Preferences > Advanced > “Show Develop menu in menu bar. Close and press Alt to see result.

How do I test Safari browser on Windows?

Here are the top ways in which you can perform Safari browser testing on Windows.

  1. Installing Safari on a Windows Machine. …
  2. Using the Oracle VM Virtualbox. …
  3. Using Cross-Browser Testing Tools.
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