How do I add a program to the Default Programs list in Windows 10?

On the Start menu, select Settings > Apps > Default apps. Select which default you want to set, and then choose the app. You can also get new apps in Microsoft Store. Apps need to be installed before you can set them as the default.

How do I set an association in the default apps settings?

To create a default program association, click Start and type Default Programs into the search field, and then press Enter. Click Set Your Default Programs. Choose an application from the list of apps, and then select Set this program as default.

How do I make a program my default?

Changing Default Programs in Windows

  1. In the Start menu or searchbar, type “Control Panel” and select that option. …
  2. Select the “Programs” option.
  3. Select the “Set your default programs” option.
  4. Individually select each app you’d like to use as a default and click “Select this program as defualt” for each one.

How do I add programs to the default program list?


  1. Open Default Programs by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Default Programs.
  2. Click Associate a file type or protocol with a program.
  3. Click the file type or protocol that you want the program to act as the default for.
  4. Click Change program.

Where is the default programs control panel?

Press Win+X to bring up the Power Tasks Menu and choose ‘Control Panel’ from the list of options displayed. Once in the Control Panel screen, choose ‘Programs’. Then, click on the ‘Default Programs’ link. The Default Programs screen will request you to choose the program that you would like Windows to use by default.

How do I change the default program for Apps in Windows 10?

How to Change File Associations in Windows 10

  1. Right-click the Start button (or hit the WIN+X hotkey) and choose Settings.
  2. Select Apps from the list.
  3. Choose Default apps on the left.
  4. Scroll down a little and select Choose default apps by file type.

How do I change the default program to open a file?

Use the Open With command.

In File Explorer, right-click on a file whose default program you want to change. Select Open With > Choose Another App. Check the box that says “Always use this app to open . [file extension] files.” If the program you want to use is displayed, select it and click OK.

How do I change the default program to open a PNG file?

Instructions say: Open LittleWindows PNG – Instructions say Open Control Panel and go to Default Programs > Set Programs. Find Windows Photo Viewer in the list of programs, (can’t find it) click it, and choose Set this program as default.

What program opens text files by default?

TXT file in Windows and it automatically opens in Notepad, then Notepad is the default program for files with a “. txt” extension. If the file opens in Microsoft Word, then Microsoft Word is the default program.

How do I choose what program to open a file with?

It’s simple:

  1. Right-click the icon you want to open.
  2. From the shortcut menu, choose the Open With submenu.
  3. Choose the program to open the file. The file opens in that program.

How do I restore the default file extension associations in Windows 10?

To reset File Associations in Windows 10, do the following.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Navigate to Apps – Defaults Apps.
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and click the Reset button under Reset to the Microsoft recommended defaults.
  4. This will reset all file type and protocol associations to the Microsoft recommended defaults.

What menu do you use to open a program?

The Start menu provides access to every program installed on the computer. To open the Start menu, click the the Start menu button at the bottom-left corner of the screen or press the Windows key on the keyboard.

How do you open a program when there are no icons on the desktop?

How do you open a program such a microsoft word when there are no icons on the desktop? Double click on the desktop to reveal hidden icons. Click the start button and select the program from the menu. Use a keyboard command.

How do I add open with in Windows 10?

If you do not see a key called “Open With” under the ContextMenuHandlers key, right-click on the ContextMenuHandlers key and select “New” > “Key” from the popup menu. Type Open With as the name for the new key. There should be a Default value in the right pane. Double-click on “Default” to edit the value.

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