Frequent question: What is the Apps icon on Android?

The app drawer icon is present in the dock — the area that houses apps like Phone, Messaging, and Camera by default. The app drawer icon usually looks like one of these icons. On some phones, you will notice the small up arrow at the bottom. It indicates that you have to swipe up to access the app drawer.

Where is the apps icon on Android?

The place where you find all apps installed on your Android phone is the Apps drawer. Even though you can find launcher icons (app shortcuts) on the Home screen, the Apps drawer is where you need to go to find everything. To view the Apps drawer, tap the Apps icon on the Home screen.

What is an app icon badge Android?

An icon badge displays as a small circle or a number on the corner of an app’s icon. If an app has one or more notifications, it will have a badge. Some apps will combine multiple notifications into one and may only show the number 1. Other times, the badge may go away if you clear your notifications.

Why is my app not on my home screen?

If you find the missing apps installed but still fail to show up on the home screen, you can uninstall the app and reinstall it. If necessary, you can also recover deleted app data on your Android phone.

What icon means?

An icon is a symbol. … Icon comes to us from the Greek word eikenai, meaning “to seem or to be like.” In certain religions, statues of religious figures are referred to as icons––because they are prayed to as if they were the thing they represent. Icon can also describe a person closely linked to an idea.

How do I keep app icon badges on Android?

Try this solution:

  1. Open settings app > Apps > Tap on 3-dot menu in the top right corner > Special Access.
  2. Now tap on Notification access.
  3. Look for the app called Samsung Experience Home. …
  4. Tap the toggle button to turn the setting ON for this app.
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