Do you need iCloud to update iOS?

Fortunately, you’re not forced to use anything. Apple doesn’t turn on iCloud features by default, even though it offers them. You may be thinking of a feature new to iOS 11, Quick Start, which is often called automatic setup.

Can you update iOS without iCloud?

iCloud has nothing to do with upgrading your device. You need to be signed into the iTunes & App Store, but you do not need to be signed into iCloud. You also need Wifi if you are going to upgrade OTA. Otherwise, you can hook your device up to a computer that is running iTunes, and update it from there.

Do I need iCloud password to update iOS?

Yes, the iCloud password is required after an upgrade to enable iCloud on the device.

Do you need iCloud storage to update phone?

If you feel like you still need more iCloud storage space, then it’s time to upgrade your iCloud storage plan. You can do this simply by going to your iCloud storage on any of your Apple devices and following the instructions. Apple offers extra iCloud storage from 50GB to 2TB.

What is required to update iOS?

An iOS update could require between 1GB and 2GB of free space on your phone. To be on the safe side, make sure there’s at least 2GB of space freed up before you update. This will be a bigger issue for those with 16GB iPhones or iPads, and not so much for those with larger-capacity devices.

Can you update iPhone without backing it up?

If you update iOS on your iPhone using iTunes, you’ll find it insists on updating your iTunes backup before it does so. … Apple’s over-the-air (“OTA”) update mechanism avoids the need to update your backup when installing.

Can I update my iphone if I forgot my iCloud password?

You can also change your account’s password by visiting My Apple ID (link in Resources) and clicking the “Reset Your Password” link. The process is identical to the one for your phone.

Why does my Iphone keep asking me to update my Apple ID settings?

Why Does My iPhone Say “Update Apple ID Settings”? Your iPhone says “Update Apple ID Settings” because you have to sign into your Apple ID again to keep using certain account services. … Most of the time, this just means you have to reenter your Apple ID password on your iPhone!

What password is used for Iphone software update?

Apparently, the restriction code is set by the latest iOS update. When asked, enter in restriction code 123456 for six-digit requests and 1234 for four-digit requests–it appears these are the default settings. Then make sure you reset the iPhone passcode to something else and take note of that passcode.

Is it worth paying for iCloud storage?

Cloud storage has gotten more and more useful over the years — and more and more integrated with your apps and services. In fact, in 2020, you kind of need it. You might be able to get away with using a free plan at times, but even if you can’t, it’s well worth paying for.

How much is 50GB iCloud?

The 50GB plan costs $0.99 per month, while the 200GB and 2TB plans cost $2.99 and $9.99 per month, respectively. If you’re already on a paid iCloud tier, you are not eligible for a free trial at this point, even if you choose to upgrade to a higher storage plan.

Why is iPhone storage full when I have iCloud?

For most Apple users, backups, photos, and messages can take up half of your storage space or more. … Backups of your devices are often the culprits behind a full iCloud storage space. It’s entirely possible you had your old iPhone set to upload backups to the cloud automatically, and then never removed those files.

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