Best answer: How do I check my commvault status in Linux?

How do I check my status on commvault?

In the Client Mode Menu section, enter 1 and press Enter. Enter the host name or IP address of the target client and press Enter. The tool displays the status of the Commvault services. If you want to perform another operation, enter y and press Enter.

How do I start commvault on Linux?

Commands to Control Services on UNIX Clients

  1. Use the [-force] option to start the services and then use Automatic Update to install the Service Pack or the Update from the CommServe.
  2. Alternatively, install the latest Service Pack. Services will be automatically started after the installation of Service Pack.

How do I know what version of commvault I have Linux?

For UNIX/ Linux based MA or CL, running the commvault status command will display the CommServe (CS) name as it appears in the /etc/CommvaultRegistry/Galaxy/Instance001/CommServe folder.

How do I know if Linux is running a backup?

You can view the status of your Linux Backup Agent at any time using the cdp-agent command in the Linux Backup Agent CLI using the status option.

How can I check my server backup?

Select the program “Windows Server Backup” and open it.

Overview of the Backup screen:

  1. This section shows whether you are working on a local machine or a remote server.
  2. The Messages section shows the last 7 days of backups. …
  3. The Status section shows more details for the last backup, Next backup and All backups.

Which command is used for controlling services?

Linux provides fine-grained control over system services through systemd, using the systemctl command. Services can be turned on, turned off, restarted, reloaded, or even enabled or disabled at boot. If you are running Debian 7, CentOS 7, or Ubuntu 15.04 (or later), your system likely uses systemd.

How do you stop a service force in Linux?

How to force kill process in Linux

  1. Use pidof command to find the process ID of a running program or app. pidoff appname.
  2. To kill process in Linux with PID: kill -9 pid.
  3. To kill process in Linux with application name: killall -9 appname.

How do you stop a service in Unix?

To end the process, type kill <pid> . This will stop the process (<pid> is the process identifier found in the first column.) 3. To restart the service, you must change to the directory where the agent is installed.

What is the latest version of commvault?

What is commvault

  • Commvault 2020. Revision 20, updated in June 2020 and released with version 11.0. …
  • Commvault 2019. Revision 18, updated in December 2019 and releases with version 11.0. …
  • Commvault 2018. Revision 14, updated in December 2018 and releases with version 11.0. …
  • Commvault 2017. …
  • Commvault 2016. …
  • Commvault 2015.

What is common vault?

Commvault is an American publicly traded data protection and data management software company headquartered in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. Commvault enterprise software can be used for data backup and recovery, cloud and infrastructure management, retention and compliance.

How do I know what version of commvault agent I have?

From the CommCell Browser, right-click the CommServe, Client, Agent or MediaAgent for which you wish to view the version, and then click Properties. Click the Version tab.

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