How do you merge Sublayers in Illustrator?

To merge items into a single layer or group, hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) and click the names of the layers or groups that you want to merge. Alternatively, hold down Shift to select all listings in between the layer or group names you click. Then, select Merge Selected from the Layers panel menu.

How do I merge layers in Illustrator?

If you want to merge those layers, Ctrl/Cmd-click to select them (Shift-click to select range) then click on the Layers panel’s Options button and select Merge Selected (or Flatten Artwork to merge all the layers).

Can you merge objects in Illustrator?

You can combine vector objects to create shapes in a variety of ways in Illustrator. The resulting paths or shapes differ depending on the method you use to combine the objects. Pathfinder effects let you combine multiple objects using interaction modes.

How do I make Sublayers into layers in Illustrator?

Once the sublayers are selected, click and hold, then drag them to just under the layer you want them on. You’ll see a blue line appear under the destination layer. Additional controls for layers can be accessed by clicking the layer, then going to the Layer Panel Menu and choosing Options for “[name]”.

Why can’t I merge layers in Illustrator?

Objects can’t be merged with other objects. To flatten layers, click the name of the layer into which you want to consolidate the artwork. Then select Flatten Artwork from the Layers panel menu.

How do I combine text and shapes in Illustrator?

To make your live type merge correctly with path objects, choose “Create Outlines” from the Type menu. Illustrator turns your text into vector objects with the size, shape, fill and stroke you applied to your type.

Which tools can be used to combine shapes?

Use the Blob Brush tool to edit filled shapes that you can intersect and merge with other shapes of the same color, or to create artwork from scratch.

How do you turn a path into a shape in Illustrator?

Convert paths to live shapes

To convert a path into a live shape, select it, and then click Object > Shape > Convert to Shape.

How many Sublayers can a layer have in Illustrator?

However, you can create new layers and rearrange items to best suit your needs. By default, Illustrator assigns a unique color (up to nine colors) to each layer in the Layers panel.

How many layers can you have in Illustrator?

When you start a new document in Illustrator, you begin with a single layer. All content in your document is on that layer. You can create new layers based on what you need. In this document, there are three layers.

Link and unlink layers

  1. Select the layers or groups in the Layers panel.
  2. Click the link icon at the bottom of the Layers panel.
  3. To unlink layers do one of the following: Select a linked layer, and click the link icon. To temporarily disable the linked layer, Shift-click the Link icon for the linked layer.

Why can I flatten artwork in Illustrator?

If a printer, client, or supplier is requesting flattened artwork then they are not using Illustrator. This means they don’t want an Illustrator file, they want an EPS or a PDF. EPS files are always flattened, since the format does not support transparency and it never will.

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