How do I crop in Illustrator?

How do you crop in Illustrator CC?

Cropping an image in Illustrator CC using the Crop button

Select your image with the Selection Tool. Then click the Crop Image button on the upper toolbar. Drag the corners/anchors to crop your image exactly the way you want (as long as what you want is a rectangle).

How do I crop an image in Adobe Illustrator?

Choose Object > Crop Image. Choose Crop Image from the context menu.


  1. Specify the Height and the Width in the Control panel.
  2. Drag the corner or edge handles.
  3. Press Shift to scale the widget proportionally.
  4. Press Alt to scale the widget about the center.
  5. Use the pinch-to-zoom gesture on touch screen devices.

Why can’t I crop my image in Illustrator?

Because Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based design system, you can’t crop a picture in Illustrator the same way you can in Adobe photoshop. But you can use a clipping mask and opacity mask to crop a picture and photo.

Where is the crop tool on Illustrator?

The cropping tool will not appear unless an image is selected. Click on Crop Image. It’s in the Control Panel at the top of the screen below the menu bar. You can also find the “Crop Image” button in the Properties window in the menu bar to the right.

How do I cut a line in Illustrator?

Knife tool

  1. Click and hold the Eraser ( ) tool to see and choose the Knife ( )tool.
  2. Do one of the following: To cut in a curved path, drag the pointer over the object. …
  3. Choose Select > Deselect. Note: …
  4. Click and drag each part using the Direct Selection ( ) tool.

How do I crop an artboard?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Select The Image You Want to Crop And Click on The Artboard Icon. This time, we will crop the image with an Artboard. …
  2. Export The Crop as Its Own Image. With the cropping artboard selected, click on File > Export As and in the dialog box, select that you only want to use the Artboard for the crop.


How do I fit an artboard to an image in Illustrator?

Start by selecting the objects on the artboard and then click the Artboard tool in the Tools panel twice. This opens up the Artboard Options Panel. From the Preset dropdown list choose Fit to Selected Art. The artboard will be instantly resized to fit the art on the artboard.

What is the Artboard tool in Illustrator?

The Artboard tool is used to both create and edit artboards. Another way to enter this Artboard Editing mode is to simply select the Artboard tool. Now, to create a new artboard, click and drag to the far right of the artboards.

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