How do I crop and keep aspect ratio in Lightroom?

How do I save aspect ratio in Lightroom?

To set an aspect ratio for your photo, follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Open the Crop tool. Go to the Develop Module and select the Crop tool (rectangle outlined by marching ants). …
  2. Step 2: Open Menu. Click the crop aspect ratio drop-down menu. …
  3. Step 3: Select a Preset. From the list provided, select a crop size.

How do I crop a picture and keep a ratio?

Press-and-hold the Shift key, grab a corner point, and drag inward to resize the selection area. Because you’re holding the Shift key as you scale, the aspect ratio (the same ratio as your original photo) remains exactly the same.

How do I change the aspect ratio without cropping in Lightroom?

The only thing you can do is use the crop tool and, for computer screens, select the 16:9 aspect ratio and lock it. Then you can do the cropping. Resizing is different and refers to pixels or file size.

How do I create a custom aspect ratio in Lightroom?

To create your own, choose “Enter Custom” from the bottom of the menu (as shown here). STEP TWO: That brings up the “Enter Custom Aspect Ratio” dialog box; just enter the aspect ratio you want (as shown here) and click OK.

How do I create a custom aspect ratio?

Adding a custom aspect ratio

  1. Go to the Lens tool tab or long-press the Crop tool in the Cursor toolbar.
  2. Select Add aspect ratio… from the list.
  3. Add a name and the ratio dimensions needed in the dialog box. Press OK.
  4. The new ratio will appear in the Ratio drop-down menu.


What is the aspect ratio for Instagram?

Download the most recent version of the Instagram app. Upload a photo with a width of at least 1080 pixels with an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5. Make sure you’re using a phone with a high-quality camera as different phones have cameras of varying qualities.

How do I crop without changing aspect ratio?

It’s so common that Photoshop comes with a tool designed specifically for cropping photos, conveniently named the Crop Tool.

Cropping Photos Without Changing The Aspect Ratio

  1. Step 1: Select The Entire Photo. …
  2. Step 2: Choose “Transform Selection” From The Select Menu. …
  3. Step 3: Resize The Selection. …
  4. Step 4: Crop The Image.

How do I crop dimensions?

Crop to exact dimensions and size with the Photoshop Crop Tool

  1. Choose the crop tool from the toolbar, or press the C key. …
  2. In the tool options bar at the top, change the option to W x H x Resolution. …
  3. You can now type in your desired aspect ratio, or size.

How do I change aspect ratio?

Changing the aspect ratio can be done from your graphics card control panel or from your monitor’s own control. Go to your graphics card control panel by right-clicking on your computer screen and selecting the graphics settings (example: Intel Graphics Settings).

What aspect ratio is best for printing photos?

2:3 is the most popular aspect ratio for printing. Print sizes that are a 2:3 aspect ratio and are popular with poster, canvas, and decal printing are 24 x 36 inches and 40 x 60 inches. Some popular print sizes for the 3:4 ratio includes 30 x 40 inches and 18 x 24 inches.

How do I permanently change the aspect ratio of a video?

To Permanently Change the Aspect Ratio

  1. From the menu bar, go to Media > Convert / Save. [ CTRL + R]
  2. Click on Add, and browse and add the current video.
  3. Click on Convert/Save.
  4. In the next step, don’t forget to choose a Destination file.
  5. The default Profile should be fine. So, press Start to begin the process.

How do I create a custom crop?

Lightroom Guru

Change the crop. Then click on ‘Custom’. Half way there is a menu ‘Create Custom’. You can create five custom crops maximum.

How do I use the golden ratio in Lightroom?

By simply pressing the “O” button, you can cycle through all of the available overlay options. You can also access this function by going Tools > Crop Guide Overlay. This function gives you the option to select between grid, thirds, diagonal, triangle, golden ratio, golden spiral, and aspect ratio.

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