Can you copy and paste from Illustrator to InDesign?

While copy/pasting is certainly possible from Illustrator to InDesign, the paste can sometimes be problematic to edit later depending upon the actual artwork. Using the Place method allows you to edit the original, in Illustrator, then the link will update.

How do I move something from illustrator to InDesign?

Open the Illustrator file you want to place into the InDesign document, and select “File” from the main menu, then scroll to “Save As.” Type a file name into the “Save As” text field, then click the pull-down menu next to “Format.” Choose “Illustrator EPS” as the file format type, then click “Save.”

Why can’t I copy from Illustrator to InDesign?

Restart the computer. Delete preferences in both apps. Uninstall both apps and reinstall again. Copy/paste works from indesign to illustrator but not the other way.

How do I import text from Illustrator to InDesign?

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  1. Save the Illustrator file as a PDF.
  2. Open the PDF in Acrobat.
  3. Choose Save As and then choose Rich Text Format.
  4. In InDesign, choose Place and then select the RTF document.
  5. Flow the text into InDesign.


When should I use InDesign vs illustrator?

Use Illustrator to create artwork that will be used across different mediums, and for varied types of artwork including custom typography, infographics, and one-page design layouts like a form or a flyer. … InDesign is the best choice to design and publish multipage documents containing text, vector artwork, and images.

To Place a file into an Illustrator document, simply go to File > Place, or Shift + Command + P. This opens a Finder window where you can select your file. Illustrator provides a lot of the same options and functionality as InDesign. Click once on your file to select it, and hit Options.

How do I copy a vector from InDesign to Illustrator?

Simply export the file into a PDF and then open that PDF in Illustrator! It should work fine and keep the vectors. You can use the highest quality presets but it shouldn’t change anything anyway if it’s really all vectors. Once you’ll be in Illustrator, you can then export/save that logo the way you want.

Why does my Illustrator file look pixelated in InDesign?

By default, InDesign is set to display images using the Typical view, with Proxy images for Raster and Vector. This means that you will see low-resolution images by default. But you can change this behavior. Go to InDesign > Preferences (Mac) or File > Preference (Windows) and click on Display Performance.

Can I open an Illustrator file in InDesign?

You can import Illustrator graphics into InDesign in their native (. ai) format. If you want to adjust layer visibility in InDesign… Import the graphic using the Place command, and when you want to edit it, choose Edit > Edit Original to open the graphic in Illustrator.

How do I copy and paste text in Illustrator?

Press “Ctrl-C” to copy your type object. Press “Ctrl-V” to paste in a duplicate of the object in the center of your screen, or switch to another document and paste the duplicate there. The pasted object looks exactly like the original.

What can Illustrator do that InDesign can t?

Illustrator is capable of creating multi-page projects but InDesign is the superior multi-page option. InDesign has a Master Page function, which allows users to edit numerous pages without editing them individually.

Should I learn Photoshop or Illustrator?

So if you want to learn both Illustrator and Photoshop, my suggestion would be to start with Photoshop. … And while Illustrator’s fundamentals can be learned fairly painlessly too, you’ll certainly use Photoshop more than Illustrator, especially if you’re interested in web design and photo manipulation.

Which is better Photoshop or Illustrator?

Illustrator is best for clean, graphical illustrations while Photoshop is better for photo based illustrations. Photo by VFS Digital Design. … As mentioned earlier, with Illustrator we can create clean, extendable graphics, many of which can be easily reused.

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