Quick Answer: Who owns Linux Academy?

Did cloud guru purchases Linux Academy?

Austin-based A Cloud Guru, a startup focused on teaching people how to use the cloud through training courses, videos and hands-on labs announced it has acquired Keller-based multicloud training platform Linux Academy. … The company also offers training in DevOps, cybersecurity, big data, machine learning and AI.

Is Linux Academy worth the money?

Linux Academy has a great platform with excellent AWS integration for hands-on labs and some great courses but I don’t like their way of spoon-feeding you everything you need to pass exams. … If you’re looking to pass AWS, LPI or other exams it’s great. Also, it’s a bit pricey.

How much does Linux Academy cost?

School information

The cost to attend Linux Academy ranges from $15 to $500 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $200.

How much is Ryan Kroonenburg worth?

Two of the 27 new names are brothers and co-founders of cloud computing start-up A Cloud Guru. Sam and Ryan Kroonenburg, who arrive on the list with an estimated wealth of $40 million, are based in Sydney and London respectively.

Is cloud guru same as Linux?

Earlier this year, we merged the 100+ full-time content developers at A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy into one unified team.

Did Linux Academy get acquired?

AUSTIN, TX – Today, A Cloud Guru announced the acquisition of Linux Academy, creating the largest and most effective cloud computing training platform in the world. … “We believe anyone, anywhere can grow their cloud skillset and achieve a brighter future,” said A Cloud Guru CEO Sam Kroonenburg.

What Linux Academy offers?

Linux Academy offers high-quality, self-paced cloud training courses on AWS, OpenStack, Linux, Azure, Containers, DevOps, and more! Access scenario-based, hands-on labs, practice common tasks in live servers, and gain the skills required to pass certification exams, as well as succeed past them.

How much was a cloud guru acquired for?

The acquisition was asserted by A Cloud Guru to make it “the largest cloud computing training library in the world”. On June 2, 2021, A Cloud Guru was acquired by Pluralsight in a deal that values the company at more than $2 billion.

How many courses does a cloud guru have?

With 12 AWS certifications, there are multiple training paths to take you from AWS zero to AWS hero — and to the cloud career of your dreams.

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