Question: How do I make iTunes faster on Windows 10?

Why is iTunes slow on Windows 10?

Syncing can cause iTunes to slow down. Most of the prominent cause is automatic syncing. Automatica syncing would allow the sync of all the data in your device to the computer.

How do I make iTunes load faster?

You Asked: How Can I Make iTunes Run Faster?

  1. Stop Syncing Automatically. If iTunes launches whenever you plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer for a simple battery boost, the software is configured for automatic syncing. …
  2. Break the Links to the Web. …
  3. Disable Automatic Downloads. …
  4. Turn off Genius.

Why is iTunes so slow on my computer?

iTunes is an application, and like other apps, it also stores cache files on your computer. These files serve the app with required information quickly but at the same time, they also create a load on your system, which results in iTunes slowing down on your machine.

Why is iTunes so slow 2020?

More often than not the iTunes app slows down on its own due to a variety of bugs, such as a 450% traffic increase between the app and its media library in the 12.7 version. … As iTunes and macOS updates are now bundled together, to get the latest one you should: Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences… > Software Update.

Will iTunes slow down my laptop?

iTunes is a media player and media library application that also allows you to manage iPhones and other Apple devices. Over time it has gotten bigger with more functionality and requires several background services that run all the time. The result is that it slows down your computer even if you are not using it.

How do I optimize iTunes?

Go to Preferences > Store and untick everything except ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ – doing so can significantly speed up sync operations.

4. Tame the iTunes Store

  1. Manage Smart Playlists. …
  2. Install Smarts. …
  3. Compare your playlists. …
  4. Save your playlists. …
  5. Delete your playlists. …
  6. iTunes optimised. …
  7. Restore playlist.

What can I use instead of iTunes?

VLC Media Player

The open-source player is compatible with a laundry list of audio and video file formats, which makes it easy to use with your Windows computer, Mac, Android and iOS devices. If you have an album or movie in a rarely supported format that won’t load in iTunes or even in QuickTime, it will play in VLC.

Why does iTunes take so long to download?

Apple suggests these causes for slow iTunes or App Store downloads: … Your device restarted before the download completed. Your Internet connection is too slow. Other software, like your firewall or security software, blocked the download.

Why does iTunes take so long to start?

Try holding ctrl+shift as you launch iTunes so it opens in safe-mode. Again doing this once may sometimes help. Try disconnecting your computer from the Internet before running iTunes.

How do I make iTunes darker on my computer?

iTunes Dark Mode on Windows PC

(1) Use Windows 10 search bar to launch Settings from Start. (2) Select Personalization option. (3) Choose Colors on the next screen. (4) Select Dark option under Choose your default app mode.

How do I update iTunes on Windows 10?

If you don’t have iTunes installed on your computer, download iTunes from the Microsoft Store (Windows 10).

If you downloaded iTunes from Apple’s website

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. From the menu bar at the top of the iTunes window, choose Help > Check for Updates.
  3. Follow the prompts to install the latest version.

Is there an Apple music app for Windows?

While Apple has migrated to the Music app on its Mac platform, iTunes is still alive and well on Windows 10. If you don’t have iTunes already, you can download and install it from the Microsoft Store. … Once you login, you’ll be able to access your iCloud music library and also your Apple Music subscription.

What is iTunes sample rate?

Apple Music and the iTunes Store accepts audio with a sampling rate of 44.1Khz and 16-bit or 24-bit resolution and 96, 176.4, or 192 kHz with 24-bit resolution.

How do I clear my iTunes cache?

How to Reset the iTunes Store Cache

  1. Launch iTunes on your computer.
  2. Click “Edit” at the top of the iTunes window and select “Preferences” from the drop-down menu. …
  3. Click the “Advanced” tab at the top of the window to switch to it.
  4. Click the “Reset cache” button and click “OK” to confirm the action.
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