How do I access console on Android?

How do I view console on Android?

Click the Inspect option under the tab you want to view the web console for. A new window will open. You can interact with the Chrome browser on your Android phone via the left panel in this window or you can interact with it on your device so long as you do not disconnect it from your computer.

Does Android have a console?

The Android Things Console provides easy and secure deployment of updates to your connected devices. Google provides the infrastructure to host and deliver system and app updates with the developer in final control.

How do I open the console?

Step 3: To open the console, you can use this keyboard shortcut: Cmd + Option + C. As an alternative, you can right-click on the webpage and click “Inspect Element”, and the developer window will appear. Step 4: In the window that opens, click the “Console” tab.

How do I open developer console on my phone?


  1. Enable Developer mode by going to Settings > About phone then tap on Build number 7 times.
  2. Enable USB Debugging from Developer Options.
  3. On your desktop, open DevTools click on more icon then More Tools > Remote Devices.
  4. Check on Discover USB devices option.
  5. Open chrome on your phone.

How do I view Android logs?

View your app logs

  1. Build and run your app on a device.
  2. Click View > Tool Windows > Logcat (or click Logcat in the tool window bar).

How do I open developer console in Chrome Android?

Open the Developer Options screen on your Android. Select Enable USB Debugging. Make sure that the Discover USB devices checkbox is enabled.

9 Answers

  1. Connect your android device.
  2. Select your device: More tools > Inspect devices * from dev tools on pc/mac.
  3. Authorize on your mobile.
  4. Happy debugging!!

How do I debug my Android?

On the device, go to Settings > About <device>. Tap the Build number seven times to make Settings > Developer options available. Then enable the USB Debugging option.

Where can I publish my Android app?

Top 8 App Stores To Publish Your Apps And Get Extra Traffic & Downloads

  • Amazon. Developers can publish their mobile apps, video games, and software’s for Android, iOS and web platforms. …
  • APTOIDE. …
  • Appszoom. …
  • GETJAR. …
  • Opera Mobile Store. …
  • Mobango. …
  • SlideME. …
  • 1MOBILE.

How do I access Cordova console log?

If you really want to see the console. log statements from inside the Android Studio you can use logcat View -> Tool Windows -> Logcat.

How do I open console in Chrome?

To open the developer console in Google Chrome, open the Chrome Menu in the upper-right-hand corner of the browser window and select More Tools > Developer Tools. You can also use Option + ⌘ + J (on macOS), or Shift + CTRL + J (on Windows/Linux).

How do I open console in Valheim?

Using console commands in Valheim

The console can be opened at any time in-game by pressing F5 on your keyboard.

How do I access Google console?

Sign in to your Admin console

  1. In any web browser, go to
  2. Starting from the sign-in page, enter the email address and password for your admin account (it does not end in If you forgot your password, see Reset your administrator password.

How do I open console in browser stack?

Description: A suite of tools to help you build and debug your webpage. Usage: Press F12 inside your BrowserStack Live tab or click on the F12 icon in the navigation bar. Supported Versions: IE9 and above.

How do I open inspect on my phone?

Listed below are the steps to inspect element on Android:

  1. Press F12 to start DevTools (Applicable for both browsers)
  2. Click on the Toggle Device Bar option.
  3. Now from the available options choose an Android device.
  4. Once the user selects a specific Android device, the mobile version of the desired website starts.

How do I find developer tools in Chrome mobile?

Using Device Simulation in Chrome DevTools for Mobile View

  1. Open DevTools by pressing F12.
  2. Click on the “Device Toggle Toolbar” available. ( …
  3. Choose a device you want to simulate from the list of iOS and Android devices.
  4. Once the desired device is chosen, it displays the mobile view of the website.
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