Can you use PuTTY on Linux?

Putty is used for connecting to the remote Linux system from the Windows machine. Putty is not limited to Windows only. You can also use this open source software on Linux and macOS.

Do you need PuTTY on Linux?

There are multiple terminal emulators on Linux that work well with ssh , so there is no real need for PuTTY on Linux.

What is the Linux equivalent of PuTTY?

Other interesting Linux alternatives to PuTTY are Termius (Freemium), Tabby (Free, Open Source), Tilix (Free, Open Source) and PowerShell (Free, Open Source).

How do I run PuTTY on Ubuntu?


  1. Login into Ubuntu Desktop. Press Ctrl + Atl + T to open GNOME terminal. …
  2. Run the following command in the terminal. >> sudo apt-get update. …
  3. Install PuTTY using the command below. >> sudo apt-get install -y putty. …
  4. PuTTY should be installed. Run it from the terminal using “putty” as command, or from the Dash.

How do I install PuTTY on a Linux server?

Configure your connection

  1. In the PuTTY Configuration window, enter the following values: In the Host Name field, enter the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your Cloud Server. Ensure that the connection type is set to SSH. (Optional) In the Saved Sessions field, assign a name for this connection. …
  2. Click Open.

Is PuTTY still needed?

One of the most common methods to communicate between computers, particularly Linux machines and web servers, is SSH. When it comes to establishing this sort of communication in Windows, the default option has been to install PuTTY. Thanks to the Windows PowerShell, however, you may not need PuTTY anymore.

How do I access PuTTY in Linux?

To connect to your Linux (Ubuntu) Machine

  1. Step 1 – Start PuTTY. From the Start menu, choose All Programs > PuTTY > PuTTY.
  2. Step 2 – In the Category pane, choose Session.
  3. Step 3 – In the Host Name box, add the username and machine address in the following format. …
  4. Step 4 – Click Open in the PuTTY dialog box.

Is there anything better than PuTTY?

Here is our list of the best PuTTY alternatives for SSH clients: SolarWinds Solar-PuTTY EDITOR’S CHOICE – An SSH utility for Windows that includes a protected terminal emulator plus SCP and SFTP. … ZOC – A paid terminal emulator for Windows and Mac OS with rlogin and SSH connection options and an SCP utility.

What is the best alternative to PuTTY?

Best Alternatives to Putty for SSH Clients

  • Solar-PuTTY.
  • KiTTY.
  • MobaXterm.
  • mRemoteNG.
  • Xshell 6.
  • Bitvise SSH Client.
  • PuttyTray.
  • ExtraPutty.

Does PuTTY work on Ubuntu?

PuTTY, a lightweight SSH client developed for Windows systems is also available to use on Linux machines, including Ubuntu.

How do I paste into PuTTY terminal ubuntu?

9 Answers. You might try adding a Shift to your commands, so Ctrl + Shift + C / V . That is how copy pasting is done in the terminal ( Ctrl + C is used to abort terminal commands). Alternatively you can try pasting by pressing Enter or the middle mouse button.

How do I use PuTTY in terminal?

How to open a Putty session and exit a session

  1. Double click the PuTTY icon to launch it. …
  2. Enter the main server IP into the Host Name field. …
  3. Select the connection type here.
  4. Then click Open. …
  5. Type your username here, then press <Enter>
  6. Next, type in your password, or right-click to paste it.
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