Best answer: How do I reduce the thickness of the taskbar in Windows 10?

Position your mouse cursor on the edge of the taskbar. The pointer cursor will change into the resize cursor, which looks like a short horizontal line with an arrow head on each end. Once you see the resize cursor, click and drag the mouse left or right to change the width of the taskbar.

How do I reduce the taskbar width in Windows 10?

Here is an easy way to change width of the taskbar. Step 1: Right-click the taskbar and turn off the option “Lock the taskbar”. Step 2: Place your mouse at the top edge of the taskbar and drag to resize it. Tip: You can increase the size of the taskbar up to about half your screen size.

How do I reduce the thickness of my taskbar?

Here’s how to get it back to its regular size:

  1. Unlock the taskbar if it’s currently locked. Do this by right-clicking the taskbar and selecting Lock the taskbar. …
  2. Click and hold the top of the taskbar where the desktop and taskbar meet. …
  3. Drag downward to make the taskbar smaller.

How do I get my taskbar back to normal size?

it back to regular size. Put the mouse cursor on the top edge of the taskbar until the cursor changes into a two-headed arrow. Then click and hold the left button and drag the taskbar down.

Why is my taskbar so big on Windows 10?

TO FIX – First right click on task bar and ensure “lock the task bar” is NOT checked. Right click the task bar again and choose “Taskbar Settings” then make sure “Automatically Hide the Task Bar in Desktop mode” and “Automatically Hide the Task Bar in Tablet mode” is OFF.

Why has my taskbar doubled in size?

Hover over to the top edge of the taskbar, and hold the left mouse button, then drag it downward until you get it back to the right size. You can then relock the taskbar by right-clicking a blank space on the taskbar again, then click “Lock the taskbar”.

Why doesn’t my taskbar hide when I go fullscreen?

If your taskbar doesn’t hide even with the auto-hide feature turned on, it’s most likely an application’s fault. … When you’re having issues with fullscreen applications, videos or documents, check your running apps and close them one by one. As you do this, you can find which app is causing the issue.

How do I simplify the taskbar?

Make the taskbar buttons smaller

  1. Right-click in an empty spot of the taskbar.
  2. Click on Properties in the pop-up menu that appears.
  3. Click the Use small taskbar buttons checkbox to select it.
  4. Click OK to save your changes and close the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties box.

How many pixels high is the Windows 10 taskbar?

Since the taskbar is spanning all the way across the 2,556 pixels horizontally, it’s taking up more of the total screen area.

How do I get my taskbar back?

Press the Windows key on the keyboard to bring up the Start Menu. This should also make the taskbar appear. Right-Click on the now-visible taskbar and select Taskbar Settings. Click on the ‘Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode’ toggle so that the option is disabled, or enable “Lock the taskbar”.

How do I resize my screen?

On a PC, click the Start menu followed by Preferences and Display Settings. You can also right click a blank screen to access the Settings menu. Depending on your operating system you will either choose Fit to Screen or Change size of text, apps and other items.

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