Is Dr Gero’s wife in the Android 21?

It was confirmed that Android 21 is married to Dr.Gero and Android 16 is their son.

Who is Dr. Gero married to?

While both Android 21 and Gero were still human and working for the Red Ribbon Army, they two were married and had a son together named Gebo whom they designed Android 16 after.

Who killed Dr Gero’s son?

The model for No. 16 was Dr. Gero’s son, who died young long ago. He was a high-ranking soldier in the Red Ribbon Army, but he was felled by an enemy bullet. Having a special place in his heart for his own child, Gero gave No.

Is Dr Gero stronger than Frieza?

Frieza had way bigger energy kai blasts and more moves. plus seemed to be faster than the Z fighters. … So it seems they all died equally as fast versus a super saiyan, the only difference being Freiza had bigger Kai blasts. Dr Gero was stronger than 19 but only about as much stronger as 17 was over 18.

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