How do you maintain manjaro?

How do you clean manjaro?


  1. Clean pkg cache.
  2. Remove unused packages (orphans)
  3. Clean cache in /home.
  4. remove old config files.
  5. Find and Remove. duplicates. empty files. empty directories. broken symlinks.
  6. Find Large files.

How do you optimize manjaro?

10 things to do after installing Manjaro

  1. Install Pamac. Pamac is a graphical package management program that can be used instead of Octopi. …
  2. Disable GRUB delay. By default when your Manjaro boots, you see this GRUB menu. …
  3. Reduce swappiness. …
  4. Install Firewall. …
  5. Extend spell checking. …
  6. Install MS Fonts. …
  7. Enable TRIM for SSD. …
  8. Remove Orphans (Unused) packages.

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Is manjaro good for everyday use?

Both Manjaro and Linux Mint are user-friendly and recommended for home users and beginners. Manjaro: It’s an Arch Linux based cutting edge distribution focuses on simplicity as Arch Linux. Both Manjaro and Linux Mint are user-friendly and recommended for home users and beginners.

Is manjaro unstable?

Summing up, Manjaro packages start their lives in the unstable branch. … Remember: Manjaro specific packages such as kernels, kernel modules and Manjaro applications enter the repo on unstable branch and it is those packages which are considered unstable when they enter.

Is Arch Linux dead?

Arch Anywhere was a distribution aimed at bringing Arch Linux to the masses. Due to a trademark infringement, Arch Anywhere has been completely rebranded to Anarchy Linux.

How do I clean up Linux?

Another way to clean up Linux is using a powertool called Deborphan. Deborphan can be used as a terminal command line tool or in combination with a GUI application called GtkOrphan.

Terminal commands

  1. sudo apt-get autoclean. This terminal command deletes all . …
  2. sudo apt-get clean. …
  3. sudo apt-get autoremove.

Is manjaro safe to use?

General considerations about security: Manjaro cannot be as fast as Arch Linux with security, because some security updates can break the usability of the system, that’s why Manjaro sometimes has to wait that other packages which depend on the package, which got a security update, get updated, too, to work with the new …

What is manjaro default password?

When booting into a Manjaro live system there is usually a standard user pre-defined and passwords are pre-set for this user and also for root: username: manjaro password: manjaro username: root password: manjaro Some spin-off’s have different users/passwords, so look for their announcements and installation guides.

What package manager does manjaro use?

All Manjaro editions include pacman, the package manager from upstream Arch Linux. Pacman includes some advanced features not found in Pamac.

What is manjaro good for?

Manjaro is a user-friendly and open-source Linux distribution. It provides all the benefits of cutting edge software combined with a focus on user-friendliness and accessibility, making it suitable for newcomers as well as experienced Linux users.

Which manjaro edition is best?

If you like eyecandy and effects, try gnome, kde, deepin or cinnamon. If you want things to just work, try xfce, kde, mate or gnome. If you like tinkering and tweaking, try xfce, openbox, awesome, i3 or bspwm. If you are coming from MacOS, try Cinnamon but with the panel on top.

Is Ubuntu better than manjaro?

When it comes to user-friendliness, Ubuntu is much easier to use and highly recommended for beginners. However, Manjaro offers a much faster system and much more granular control.

Does manjaro break?

Software installation on Ubuntu is quick, and things software packages rarely break. Manjaro has a tendency to encounter more breakage as you install & uninstall packages over time, so that you can end up with a system that you can’t easily install packages on.

How does manjaro make money?

Sponsorship for upstream events and local Manjaro team and community events; Local community costs (e.g. shipping of equipment to Manjaro team and community members); Travel (e.g. coverage of full or part of the expenses for attending an event); Hardware and hosting costs.

Who owns manjaro?


Manjaro 20.2
Developer Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG
OS family Linux (Unix-like)
Working state Current (bleeding edge, rolling release)
Source model Open-source
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