How do I transfer my Clash of Lords 2 account from Android to iOS?

How do I transfer my Clash of Lords 2 account?

Perform the following steps WITHOUT REINSTALLING THE GAME!

  1. Login as guest.
  2. Logout of your current Facebook account.
  3. Make a new Facebook account. This will be the new account where your COL2 account will link to.
  4. Link that Facebook account with your COL2 account.
  5. It should now be safe and secure.

How do I transfer game progress from Android to iOS?

Set up your iPhone until reaching the “Apps & Data” screen. Choose “Move Data from Android”. On your Android phone, go to “Google Play Store”, download and install the Move to iOS app. Tap on “Continue” on both your Android and iPhone.

Can you transfer castle clash from Android to iPhone?

Unfortunately you can not, each platform is a standalone and requires a device of that OS. You can not transfer data from one platform to another, you can however use an emulator for the platform you want to play which is compatible with the device you want to use.

How do I delete my Clash of Lords 2 account?

[Chat(Android)] resetting account

2)Login the game and link you account with Facebook account from Game Settings > Manage Account> Use other FB account to Link Account. 3)Logout the game, and login another FB account on browser or FB app. 4)Login the game and click Manage Account> Use other FB account to login.

Can I transfer my Google Play account to iPhone?

The Google Account data you choose will sync with your iPhone or iPad. To see your content, open the corresponding app. You can change which content from your Google Account syncs with the Apple apps on your device. You can also remove your Google Account from your Apple apps at any time, which stops syncing.

What is the best app to transfer data from Android to iPhone?

Comparing the 6 top Android to iPhone transfer apps

  • Move to iOS.
  • Contact Transfer.
  • Droid Transfer.
  • SHAREit.
  • Smart Transfer.
  • Android File Transfer.

How do I fix move to iOS transfer interrupted?

How to Fix: Move to iOS Transfer Interrupted

  1. Tip 1. Restart Your Phone. Restart your Android phone. …
  2. Tip 2. Check the Network Connection. Make sure the Wi-Fi network is stable on both your Android phone and iPhone.
  3. Tip 3. Turn off Smart Network Switch on Android. …
  4. Tip 4. Turn on Airplane Mode. …
  5. Tip 5. Do Not Use Your Phone.

Account Linking Guide

  1. To enter the Link interface: Enter the game, go to Settings, and tap on Link OR select the Account Linking icon under the Honor Badges icon.
  2. Once in the Link interface, you will need to register your email address for a new IGG account which will be connected to your IGG ID.

How do I log into Castle Clash on my Iphone?

To access a particular Castle Clash account you will need to sign in on the game center ID that it was created on. You never have to create or use another iTunes account. Note that when you make purchases for gems it will ask for your iTunes password and not your game center password.

How do I sell my castle clash account?

How to Sell Your Castle Clash Account? For Android users, make a new Google+ account. You’ll use that account to link with the game data you want to sell. Once someone buys your offer, give them the data for that account.

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