How do I set Windows as Default OS when Dual Booting Ubuntu?

How do I make Windows 10 default OS when Dual Booting Ubuntu?

Set Windows 10 As Default OS When In Dual Boot With Ubuntu

  1. Method 1 of 2.
  2. Step 1: First of all, get Grub2Win software from this official page. …
  3. Step 2: The setup file will start downloading all the files required to install the software.
  4. Step 3: Next, select a target partition (we recommend the “C”).

2 апр. 2019 г.

How do I make Windows default on dual boot?

Set Windows 7 as the Default OS on Dual Boot System Step-By-Step

  1. Click Windows Start button and type msconfig and Press Enter (or click it with the mouse)
  2. Click Boot Tab, Click Windows 7 (or whichever OS you want to set as default at boot) and Click Set as Default. …
  3. Click either box to finish the process.

18 апр. 2018 г.

How do I make Ubuntu default to dual boot?

The solution is as follows.

  1. Boot to Windows.
  2. right click on Computer and select Properties.
  3. click Advanced System Settings.
  4. click on the Settings button under Startup and Recovery.
  5. select the operating system you want to use.

14 окт. 2017 г.

How do I change the default OS in GRUB bootloader?

Select default OS (GRUB_DEFAULT)

Open /etc/default/grub file using any text editor, for example nano. Find the line “GRUB_DEFAULT”. We can select the default OS to boot using this option. If you set the value as “0”, the first operating system in the GRUB boot menu entry will boot.

How do I switch back to Windows from Ubuntu?

From a workspace:

  1. Press Super + Tab to bring up the window switcher.
  2. Release Super to select the next (highlighted) window in the switcher.
  3. Otherwise, still holding down the Super key, press Tab to cycle through the list of open windows, or Shift + Tab to cycle backwards.

How do I change the boot order in multiple OS?

Step 1: Open up a terminal window (CTRL+ALT+T). Step 2: Find the Windows entry number in the boot loader. In the screenshot below, you’ll see that “Windows 7…” is the fifth entry, but since entries start at 0, the actual entry number is 4. Change the GRUB_DEFAULT from 0 to 4, then save the file.

How do I change Windows default startup?

To Choose Default OS in System Configuration (msconfig)

  1. Press the Win + R keys to open the Run dialog, type msconfig into Run, and click/tap on OK to open System Configuration.
  2. Click/tap on the Boot tab, select the OS (ex: Windows 10) you want as the “default OS”, click/tap on Set as default, and click/tap on OK. (

16 нояб. 2016 г.

How do I change the default boot manager?

In the left pane, click on the Advanced system settings link. Under the Advanced tab, click on the Settings button under Startup and Recovery. Under System Startup, select a operating system from the drop down menu to be the new default operating system, then click on OK.

How do I make Windows default to dual boot Linux?

Configuring GRUB to Boot Windows by Default

  1. Turn on your PC and take a look at the GRUB screen. …
  2. Log into your user account and open the terminal (Menu> Use the command line). …
  3. Type or copy>paste the command below in the terminal window and hit return (enter). …
  4. In the file editor, look for GRUB_DEFAULT= command.

26 февр. 2017 г.

How do I change boot options in Ubuntu?

1 Answer

  1. Open a terminal window and execute: sudo nano /boot/grub/grub.cfg.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. In the file opened, find the text: set default=”0″
  4. Number 0 is for the first option, number 1 for the second one, etc. Change the number for your choice.
  5. Save the file by pressing CTRL+O and exit by pressing CRTL+X .

29 дек. 2016 г.

How do I change the boot order in Linux?


  1. make a backup copy of etc/grub/default In case something goes wrong. sudo cp /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub.bak.
  2. Open the grub file for edit. sudo gedit /etc/default/grub.
  3. Find GRUB_DEFAULT=0.
  4. Change it to the item that you want. …
  5. Then build the updated grub menu.

How do I change the boot order in Windows 10 and Ubuntu?

Once installed, search for Grub Customizer in the menu and open it.

  1. Start Grub Customizer.
  2. Select Windows Boot Manager and move it to the top.
  3. Once Windows is on the top, save your changes.
  4. Now you’ll boot into Windows by default.
  5. Reduce the default boot time in Grub.

7 авг. 2019 г.

How do I change bootloader?

Change Default OS In Boot Menu Using Startup Options

  1. In the boot loader menu, click the link Change defaults or choose other options at the bottom of the screen.
  2. On the next page, click Choose a default operating system.
  3. On the next page, select the OS you want to set as the default boot entry.

5 июл. 2017 г.

How do I change Grub settings?

It’s automatically created by running the update-grub command as root — in other words, by running sudo update-grub on Ubuntu. Your own GRUB settings are stored in the /etc/default/grub file. Edit this file to change GRUB2’s settings. Scripts are also located in the /etc/grub.

How do I remove GRUB bootloader from BIOS?

Type “rmdir /s OSNAME” command, where OSNAME will be replaced by your OSNAME, to delete the GRUB bootloader from your computer. If prompted press Y. 14. Exit the command prompt and restart the computer the GRUB bootloader is not longer available.

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