How do I find my Jenkins password in Linux?

If you installed using apt-get in ubuntu 14.04, you will found the default password in /var/lib/jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword location. Before installing jenkins, create a user named jenkins and set password there. Then after installing jenkins you can use the password you created.

How do I find my Jenkins admin password Linux?

For fedora,

  1. Go to /root/. jenkins/
  2. open config. xml.
  3. In config. xml, set disableSignup to false.
  4. Restart Jenkins.
  5. Go to the Jenkins web page and sign up with a new user.
  6. In config. …
  7. If it’s a private server, set disableSignup back to true in config. …
  8. Go to the Jenkins web page and log in as the new user.

How do I find my Jenkins username and password?

Reset Jenkins Admin’s Password

  1. Click on People on the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Click on the Admin.
  3. Delete the user account.
  4. Navigate to Jenkins / Manage Jenkins.
  5. Click on Configure Global Security.
  6. Check the Enable Security check box.
  7. Under Security Realm, select Jenkins’ own user database.

How do I reset my Jenkins password in Linux?

Reset Jenkins Admin Password

Select the “Security Realm” (e.g. “Jenkins’ own user database” ) and click on “Save” Go to “People” -> Click on a username for which you want to change the password (e.g. admin ) -> “Configure” -> Enter a new password in the “Password” and “Confirm password” fields and click on “Save”

How do I find my Jenkins credentials?

Before you ask Jenkins for a credential you need to know its id. You can list all credentials ids by reading the $JENKINS_HOME/credentials.

What is my Jenkins username and password in Linux?

3 Answers. password: Go to your . jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword for password.

How do I log into Jenkins?

Open Jenkins (should take you inside with out a user name and password) — go to manage jenkins -> Global Security -> Enable Sign up -> sign up a new user -> once user is sign up – login with that user and finally enable login and restart your jenkins.

How do I disable Jenkins on port 8080?

The default is port 8080. To disable (because you’re using https), use port -1 . This option does not impact the root URL being generated within Jenkins logic (UI, inbound agent files, etc.). It is defined by the Jenkins URL specified in the global configuration.

How do I change my Jenkins username and password?

10 Answers

  1. Stop the Jenkins service.
  2. Open the config. xml with a text editor (i.e notepad++), maybe be in C:jenkinsconfig. xml (could backup it also).
  3. Find this <useSecurity>true</useSecurity> and change it to <useSecurity>false</useSecurity>
  4. Start Jenkins service.
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