How do I change the panel position in Linux Mint?

How do I move a panel in Linux Mint?

Rightclick an empty space on the panel, choose Modify Panel, then choose Move Panel. Drag the panel to the top. Thank you!

How do I move a panel in Linux?

To move it right click anywhere on the panel and click Modify Panel. Next click on Move Panel option. Now the screen turns little greyish and you are given an option to Select a new position for the Panel.

How do you move Mate panel?

For Mate, this worked for me: right click on the existing panel and click on “new panel” (it’s near the middle). A new panel will appear (usually at the top). Now right click on the new panel and unclick expand. Move it the secondary monitory, and then select expand again.

How do I move a panel in Xubuntu?

Grab the panel by pressing the left mouse button on the taskbar’s right or left side (a hand cursor should show up), and holding. Move it wherever you want and release the button.

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