Frequent question: How do I search for large folders in Windows 7?

How do I find my largest folders?

Here’s how to find your largest files.

  1. Open File Explorer (aka Windows Explorer).
  2. Select “This PC” in the left pane so you can search your whole computer. …
  3. Type “size: ” into the search box and select Gigantic.
  4. Select “details” from the View tab.
  5. Click the Size column to sort by largest to smallest.

How do I search subfolders in Windows 7?

Open Windows Explorer. Select Organize / Folder and Search options. Select the Search Tab. In the How to search section, select the Include subfolders in search results when searching in file folders option.

How do I do a deep search in Windows 7?

Here’s how you can search content of files in Windows 7:

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Click to open Indexing Options.
  3. Within the Indexing Options window, click on the button that says Advanced.
  4. Click on the tab that says File Types.
  5. Here you can check all the file types that you want to search the contents of.

How can I see all folders by size?

Right-click on the folder you want to view the size in File Explorer. Select “Properties.” The File Properties dialogue box will appear displaying the folder “Size” and its “Size on disk.” It will also show the file contents of those particular folders.

How big should my Windows 10 folder be?

A fresh install of Windows 10 takes up about 15 GB of storage space. Most of that is made up of system and reserved files while 1 GB is taken up by default apps and games that come with Windows 10.

What is Windows old folder?

old folder, which contains files that give you the option to go back to your previous version of Windows. Deleting your previous version of Windows can’t be undone. In the search box on the taskbar, type settings, then choose it from the list of results.

How do I search for folders in Windows 7?

How to Search for a File or Folder from the Windows 7 Start Menu

  1. Open the Start menu and type a search term in the search field at the bottom. The Search field and results in the Start menu. …
  2. Click the See More Results link. …
  3. When you locate the file you wanted, double-click it to open it.

How do I fix Windows 7 search problems?

Windows 7 Search Not Working: Detect Problems

  1. Open the Control Panel and under “System and Security”, select Find and fix problems. …
  2. Now on the left hand panel click on “View All”
  3. Then click “Search and Indexing”

How do I search for audio files in Windows 7?

Click the “Start” button in Windows and enter a search term in the search function at the bottom of the menu. If you know the name of the file you’re looking for, simply type it in and hit enter. A list of search results will be returned, including the audio file you’re looking for if it exists on your computer.

How do I search for text within a file in Windows 7?

How to Search for words within files on Windows 7

  1. Open windows explorer.
  2. Using the left hand file menu select the folder to search in.
  3. Find the search box in the top right hand corner of the explorer window.
  4. In the search box type content: followed by the word or phrase you are searching for.(eg content:yourword)

How do I change search settings in Windows 7?

Change Search Options

Click the Organize button on the toolbar, and then click Folder and search options. After a search, click Search Tools on the toolbar, and then click Search Options. Click the Search tab. Select the What to search option you want.

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