How do I get PSD thumbnails in Windows 10?

It’s one of the best image viewer for Windows. It also doubles up as a File Explorer for Images and Videos. Once Installed, just open up Faststone Image viewer, navigate to your PSD folder or copy paste the file path. And there you go, you have thumbnail previews of all PSD files.

How do I enable PSD thumbnails in Windows 10?

By default, Windows doesn’t have a utility to open these files, since PSD files are designed first and foremost for Photoshop. Therefore, there’s no way for Windows to open these files within Explorer in order to allow you to see what photo data is stored within.

How do I Preview PSD files in Windows Explorer?

As SageThumbs is a Windows Explorer context menu extension, you don’t need to run a Windows program for it to work. To use it just open any folder in Windows Explorer with image files to preview and you’ll see the thumbnail(s) immediately.

How do I Preview PSD files?

Just upload your PSD file to Google Drive. You will be able to preview the file.

Preview on Google Drive

  1. Windows: Win+Shift+S.
  2. Mac: Command+Shift+4.
  3. ChromeOS: Ctrl + Shift + []]] (window switch key)


How do I view PSD files?

Use the Navigation window to locate your PSD file. Click on the file, then click on Open. Once the file has finished uploading, either double click the popup menu or the file on your Drive Menu. The image will then be displayed on your screen as a preview.

How can I view PSD files online?

How to view PSD files online

  1. Click inside the file drop area to upload a PSD file or drag & drop a PSD file.
  2. Once upload completes, you’ll be redirected to the viewer application.
  3. Scroll down or use the menu to navigate between pages.
  4. Zoom-in or zoom-out page view.
  5. Download source file pages in PNG or PDF format.

How do I preview a PSD file without opening Photoshop?

Google Drive is a beautiful and easy option if you just want to view the image inside the PSD file. Simply, open Google Drive, then after that drag the PSD file to your Google Drive. Now as soon as the upload will complete, you have a variety of options. Right-click on the archive and select Preview to watch the image.

How do you use SageThumbs?

As SageThumbs is a Windows Explorer context menu extension, there is no an executable file that you should launch to bring it up. To use it, just open any folder with image files in Windows Explorer, and then right-click a file you want to preview. You’ll see the thumbnail immediately in the context menu.

What does bridge do in Adobe?

Adobe Bridge is a powerful creative asset manager that lets you preview, organize, edit, and publish multiple creative assets quickly and easily. Edit metadata. Add keywords, labels, and ratings to assets. Organize assets using collections, and find assets using powerful filters and advanced metadata search features.

How do you show preview in Photoshop?

Preview an optimized image in a web browser

  1. Open the image you want to preview.
  2. Select File > Save For Web, and apply your optimization settings.
  3. Choose a browser from the Preview In menu in the lower-right corner of the optimized image, or click the browser icon to launch your default web browser.


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