Why is procreate saying export unsuccessful?

That can happen if you have very little available storage space on the iPad. Could this be a factor, even though it’s a 3rd gen Pro? Check in iPad Settings > General > About. Check in Files app > On My iPad > Procreate to see if there are files in there – if so, they’re duplicates and taking up extra space.

How do I export large files from procreate?

Make sure you check iPad Settings > Procreate > Drag and Drop Export > Preferred file format first and have it set to the . procreate format. You could try dragging and dropping into the Files app folders for apps like Dropbox or Documents by Readdle, for example.

How do I export from procreate?

Export PSD files from Procreate directly to your computer

  1. Tap the spanner icon then tap “Share artwork”
  2. Select “PSD”
  3. Select “Import with FileBrowser”.
  4. Browse to your computer or cloud storage and save your file.

Why are my procreate files corrupted?

procreate format. Those look like being older files made before the 4.2 update. It’s just possible what you’re seeing is in some way related to that. Another possible cause might have been the iPad being very low on free space when you were exporting the canvases, as that can affect processing capacity.

How do I transfer files from procreate to computer?

Select Procreate and drag the artwork out of iTunes or use the buttons to save the artwork to your computer. You can import a canvas back to Procreate by dropping it back into this folder and using the Create > Import > iTunes feature.

What format should I export procreate?

Export your artwork as a native . procreate file or a layered Adobe® Photoshop® PSD. You can also export as a handy PDF, a versatile JPEG, a PNG with transparency, or a high-quality TIFF.

Can you save procreate files as PSD?

Choose a painting you have in Procreate and export it as a PSD. First send it to your computer via Airdrop or save it locally to a file manager app such as Documents. Take a note of the file size there. … Now, export the same file as a PSD but this time choose Apple’s Mail app.

Can you convert procreate to vector?

Procreate only works in pixels, you can’t create vectors in Procreate. If you are looking to create fonts, logos or cut files for a Cricut or Silhouette, you will need to convert your lettering in to a vector format. This will make the file completely scalable.

How do I save my drawings from camera roll to procreate?

  1. Go To Settings. This is the wrench icon at the top left of your toolbar. …
  2. Tap ‘Share’ This brings up all of the different ways you export your project. …
  3. Pick a File Type. Next, you need to choose a file type. …
  4. Choose a Save option. …
  5. You’re done! …


How do I delete corrupted files in procreate?

The main thing is DO NOT delete files from Procreate until you have checked the file by importing it back to Procreate. If you notice a file that is corrupted draw anything in that file and then export it and it will be fine.

How do I contact procreate?

Contact Us

  1. General enquiries: [email protected]
  2. Mother Art Prize: [email protected]
  3. Enquiries about events and public programme: [email protected]
  4. To be fuatured on our online shop: [email protected]
  5. Follow us on social media. Facebook – Instagram @procreateproject.

Which iPad is best for procreate?

So, for the short list, I would recommend the following: Best iPad overall for Procreate: The iPad Pro 12.9 Inch. Best Cheap iPad for Procreate: The iPad Air 10.9 Inch. Best Super-Budget iPad for Procreate: The iPad Mini 7.9 Inch.

What is procreate compatible with?

Does Procreate work on Android OS? No. The Procreate team has stated that they are focusing development solely on iOS.

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