What files does substance Painter support?

What are substance Painter files?

Substance Painter is a texture painting tool and spp is just the format used to save your work :it is not meant to be used anywhere else (not even in engines). You can export textures from painter to be used wherever you want.

What file format should I use when exporting my mesh to substance painter?

File format & Bit Depth


What is substance painter used for?

Substance Painter is a 3D painting software allowing you to texture and render your 3D meshes. This documentation is designed to help you learn how to use Substance Painter, from basic to advanced techniques.

Where do you put substance Painter materials?

Where to install resources ?

Platform Path
Windows C:Users username DocumentsAllegorithmicSubstance Paintershelf
Mac Macintosh > Users > username > Documents > Allegorithmic > Substance Painter > shelf
Linux /home/ username /Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/shelf

What files can Substance open?

See below for a list of supported mesh file formats.

  • .abc (Alembic)
  • .dae (Collada)
  • .fbx (Autodesk FBX)
  • .gltf (GL Transmission Format)
  • .obj (Wavefront OBJ)
  • .ply (Stanford Triangle Format)

How much space does substance Painter need?

OS: Windows 8 / 10 – 64 bit mandatory. Memory: 8 GB RAM. Graphics: Intel HD 5000 – IRis Pro 6200 – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 – NVIDIA Quadro K2000 – AMD Radeon HD 7000 – AMD Radeon Pro WX-serie / Pro Duo – AMD FirePro W-series / FirePro S-series. Storage: 3 GB available space.

How do I export mesh?

To export a mesh, right-click on the mesh and select Export. The Export Mesh Parts window will appear: The Export clipped mesh option is only available for meshes that are clipped to a boundary. If the quality of the mesh produced is not acceptable, clip the mesh as described in Clipping a Mesh, then export the mesh.

Can substance painter open FBX?

fbx file, you will not be able to import the body model, and then also import the clothes. However, if you have the body and the clothes in a scene together in your 3d app, and you export them together as a single fbx/obj file, then you can work on them both in Substance Painter at the same time.

How do you bake in a substance painter?

How to bake Mesh maps

  1. Open or Show the Texture Set Settings window: …
  2. Inside the Texture Set Settings window, click on the Bake Mesh Maps button to open the Baker Settings window:
  3. Click on the Bake All or Bake “Your Material Name” button at the bottom of the Baker Settings window to start the process:

Should I use substance painter?

It’s so powerful to quickly edit and create textures for models that will just work in whatever engine they are imported to. This cannot be understated in its importance to a 3D artist’s workflow. Because of this, Substance Painter is a widely used piece of software in the gaming industry.

Are substance painters worth it?

You might want to give ArmorPaint a try (It’s free). I believe it’s based on Blender but only focused on painting stuff. By the way if you’re doing professional work in this area, Substance Painter totally worth the price.

Why is substance painter so good?

The learning curve for Substance Painter is remarkably gentle. It’s quick to set up materials and textures to paint onto models, and great results can be achieved without too much difficulty. The intuitive user interface is one of the reasons that users highly recommend Substance Painter.

How do you create a new material in substance painter?

If you stack the layers comprising your material into a folder, then you can right-click the folder and choose “Create Smart Material”. This will turn it into a preset material that you can just slap onto anything you want.

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