Question: How do you move a light source in a substance painter?

How do you rotate a light source in a substance painter?

Rotating the environment should be Shift + Right click, make sure in the preferences that the shortcut hasn’t been changed.

Where is viewer settings substance painter?

It’s the little screen icon in the toolbar on the right of the screen.

How do you turn on lazy mouse in substance painter?

The Lazy Mouse is a distance offset between the mouse cursor and the actual painting which allows to paint more precise or smooth strokes. It can be enabled via the contextual toolbar. It makes painting clean and continuous line easier.

How do I find a wireframe in a substance painter?

In Substance Painter 1.5, there is now an option to view the wireframe. The setting can be found the Viewer Settings.

How do I become a Hdri substance painter?

Importing HDRI through Substance Painter

The first thing you need to do is open up Substance Painter. Under the Shelf section navigate to environment and then drag your file into the area with the thumbnails. In this example I’m going to use the Royale Esplanade HDRI I downloaded from HDRI Haven.

Can I rotate an object in substance painter?

You can unlock the camera rotation with the camera control button in the main toolbar, but you can’t rotate vertically the mesh itself or the environment.

How do I reset my camera on substance painter?

Author Topic: reset view in SP 1.7.3 (Read 5064 times)

You can press F to recenter the view, and then rotate the camera while pressing “SHIFT” which will snap it.

How do I rotate an image in substance painter?

Use S + Left Mouse click to rotate the stencil.

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