How do you make lines thinner in Krita?

Open the “Tool Options” docker (Settings → Dockers → Tool Options). Then select your line (or other vector object), in the “Tool Options” docker select the middle (line) tab, and use the “Thickness” control.

How do you thin lines in Krita?

Go to the filter tab and run the G’MIC filter. When it opens go down the category list to Artistic and open that, then search down the list to Poster Edges. When that is opened you’ll have a whole bunch of sliders that allow you to antialias, smooth and thicken the line work.

How do I make Krita lines smoother?

Quick Tips : Smooth strokes using Krita

  1. Get the pen sketch as a layer in Krita. …
  2. Add another layer and call it ‘Ink’. …
  3. In Brush tool options choose the weighted smoothing option with default settings. …
  4. 3 Quick tips for smooth strokes.


How do I change the thickness of my pen in Krita?

The Primary setting is “size” (standardly invoked by the Shift key). Press the Shift key and drag outward to increase brush size. Drag inward to decrease it. You can also press the V key as a stickykey for the straight-line tool.

How do I blur edges in Krita?

Re: how to fix edges in krita

  1. Right-click your layer and select “Split Alpha” → “Alpha into Mask”
  2. Select the new layer, which is called “transparency mask”
  3. Go to “Filter” → “Adjust” → “Brightness/Contrast Curve”


Does Krita have layers?

Krita supports layers which help to better control parts and elements of your painting. … Usually, when you put one paint layer on top of another, the upper paint layer will be fully visible, while the layer behind it will either be obscured, occluded or only partially visible.

How do you animate in Krita 2020?

Here are some tips on how to animate in Krita:

  1. A frame will hold until a new drawing takes its place. …
  2. You can Copy frames with Ctrl + Drag.
  3. Move frames by selecting a frame, then dragging it. …
  4. Select multiple individual frames with Ctrl + Click. …
  5. Alt + Drag moves your entire timeline.


What brush should I use for lineart Krita?

Therefore, Krita comes with two default types. Anti-aliased brushes like ink_brush_25 and slightly aliased brushes like ink_tilt, with the latter giving better print results.

What brush do you use for Lineart?

One of the best Photoshop brush settings for lineart requires a hard round brush with 10% brush spacing, pen pressure controlled size jitter with smoothing set to at least 10%. In this sweet and short article, I will walk you through how to setup your brush settings for some easy inking.

Why are my lines so pixelated in Krita?

Higher resolution and DPI setting of image will yield to less jaggy lines. Also make sure you are not zoomed in, to see how the image looks in normal view. … Try higher resolution and 300 DPI and use zoom rate of 100%.

Why does my lineart look pixelated?

The reason is that we are drawing on the raster layer, not the G pen. Since vector layers are resolution-free, they can be scaled. For example, the familiar image that you posted is displayed at 800%, so the pixel is rough. The enlarged display is rough regardless of the raster vector.

How do I resize an image without losing quality Krita?

Re: Krita how to scale without losing quality.

just use the “box” filter when scaling. other programs may call this “nearest” or “point” filtering. it will not mix between pixel values at all when resizing.

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