How do I change my environment in substance painter?

Can be found in the Shelf by using the “Environment” preset. Click on the button to open a mini-shelf and choose a different environment map.

Where is viewer settings substance painter?

It’s the little screen icon in the toolbar on the right of the screen.

How do I change the resolution of a substance painter?

Resolution. A the top of the window is the size parameter which controls the channels resolution in pixels inside a Texture Set. To change the resolution simply click on the dropdown : To use non-square resolutions (for example 2048×1024) disable the lock button between the two dropdowns.

How do you move a light source in a substance painter?

To rotate the lighting in the 3D view, use Ctrl + Right Mouse Button drag from left to right.

Can you add lights in substance painter?

Unfortunately there is no way to add lights manully at this point.

How do you change the shader on a substance painter?

Update a Shader via the Shader Window

  1. 1 – Open the Shader Settings window. The Shader settings window is available on the right by default in the Dock toolbar.
  2. 2 – Click on the shader button and select the updated shader. …
  3. 3 – Shader is updated.

How do you increase the texture resolution of a substance painter?

To change resolution, use the Size drop-down in the TextureSet settings. Options range from 128 x 128px to 4,096 x 4,096px. Substance Painter 2.1 also introduced experimental support for 8K maps. Give your Smart Materials generic names to encourage you to reuse them in creative ways.

What is padding in substance painter?

Padding (sometimes also called dilation) is a process that happens after the generation of a texture. Its purpose is to dilate the borders of the UV islands to fill empty areas with similar pixels.

How do you paint a mask in substance?

Quick masking allows you to mask parts of your mesh you don’t want to paint on. Hit Y to switch to quick mask edit mode, this will allow you to paint a temporary mask. Hit U again to switch back to your previous tool and paint across that mask.

How do you blur in substance paint?

You can blur a mask in Painter. Select the mask, click Add Effect, add a Filter, and select the Blur filter.

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