How do I access procreate settings?

Go to Actions > Prefs to change the appearance and behavior of the Procreate interface. Do this using a series of easy-to-use toggles and sliders.

Where is brush settings in procreate?

A majority of brushes come with a certain amount of StreamLine built-in, but you may want to a adjust this amount. To access the StreamLine settings, open the ‘Stroke’ preferences tab in the brush panel. You’ll see the StreamLine slider in the first set of options under ‘Stroke Properties’.

How do you reset procreate?

Any modified default brush can be reset either by swiping left on the thumbnail and tapping Reset (greyed out if nothing has been modified) or by tapping the thumbnail to open the brush settings panel for the brush and tapping Reset at the top right (not visible if nothing resettable is modified).

Where is the Actions menu in procreate?

In the top menu bar you’ll find a wrench symbol. This is the Actions button. Tap it to open the Actions menu.

Where is the canvas menu in procreate?

Tap the wrench button in the top left of the screen to open the Actions menu. Tap Canvas, and flip the Drawing Guide switch. Your Drawing Guide is now activated. The Drawing Guides section offers an in-depth exploration of this powerful and versatile feature.

How do I change settings in procreate?

Advanced Settings

To adjust these you need to head to the iOS setting for Procreate. Tap Actions > Help > Advanced Settings to go to iOS Settings.

How do I restore my procreate app?

Check if you have a backup by going to Settings/Your Apple ID/iCloud/Manage Storage/Backups/This IPad and check if Procreate is included in the list of apps. If it is then you can do a Restore from that backup if it is recent enough to contain the artwork.

How do I fix my color wheel on procreate?

Try doing a hard reboot to see if that fixes it: first clear all backgrounded apps by double-pressing the Home button then swiping up on them. Then hold down the Home and Lock buttons together until the screen goes black, wait a few moments, and turn the iPad on again.

How do I use Quick Menu?

To find the Android Quick Settings menu, just drag your finger from the top of your screen downward. If your phone is unlocked, you’ll see an abbreviated menu (the screen to the left) that you can either use as-is or drag down to see an expanded quick settings tray (the screen to the right) for more options.

Are there templates on procreate?

Procreate gives you a variety of preset templates to make creating a new project canvas easy.

How do I get procreate in light mode?

The Procreate interface offers two visual modes.

Tap Actions > Prefs > Light Interface to switch to Light Mode.

How do I resize in procreate without cropping?

To resize your artwork in Procreate, click on the wrench to open the Actions tab, and click on the Crop and Resize button. Open the settings and toggle on the Resample Canvas button. Enter one of your desired dimensions and Procreate will automatically adjust the other.

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