Can you share a clip studio paint license?

Only one person can use a serial number by contract. together in an official way.

Can two people use clip studio paint?

Yes. You can use your license in two computers. … If you exceed the number of computers the program “warns you” that you have to uninstall it from a computer in order to continue the installation.

Can I share clip studio paint on multiple computers?

Yes, the contents of the packaged version of Clip Studio Paint EX include download links. With one license (serial number), you may install on up to 2 computers but the software should not be used on both computers simultaneously.

Can you share clip studio?

Clip Studio SHARE lets you easily share your comics, manga, artbooks and illustration albums for easy viewing on Twitter or blogs. Once you finish uploading your story, you’ll receive a URL that you can use to embed your story on other sites. Clip Studio SHARE is not a social network site for art.

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How do I transfer my clip studio paint license?

Download and install the program on the new device. Launch CILP STUDIO and start PAINT from the launcher. The “License Verification” window opens automatically. Enter the own serial number of CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO and execute “Register license”.

How many times can I activate clip studio paint?

Yes. The Clip Studio Paint license allows you to activate and use the software on two computers with the same serial number as long as the software does not run simultaneously and it’s being used by the same user.

Is clip studio paint a one time buy?

Clip Studio Paint Pro a One Time Purchase

So if you are an android or Chromebook user then you have to buy the Clip Studio monthly subscription plan.

Can I transfer clip studio paint to another computer?

Download the latest version of the installer from below and install it on the new computer. After launching CLIP STUDIO PAINT, you can ask for the serial number, so enter the old serial number. … If you want to copy the setting data from the old computer, copy and paste the following “CELSYS” folder.

Is clip studio paint a monthly subscription?

Currently, Clip Studio Paint is only available for PC as a single payment, while being a monthly plan for iPad and iPhone. … From April 2020, users can choose a third plan that offers access to Clip Studio Paint on multiple platforms such as the iPad and PC!

How much is clip studio a month?


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One-time purchase (Download Version) Windows / macOS US$49.99
Monthly usage plan Learn more Windows / macOS / iPad / iPhone / Galaxy / Android / Chromebook Up to 3 months free with first monthly plan Up to 53% off with an annual plan US$2.09~/month

Is a clip studio account free?

First time users of a monthly usage plan can use Clip Studio Paint for up to 3 months free of charge by choosing their plan from the latest version of the software. Note: A monthly usage fee will be charged after the 3-month free offer ends.

Which is better clip studio paint pro or ex?

Clip Studio Paint EX has more features than Clip Studio Paint PRO. PRO is ideal for single-page comics and illustrations and is more affordable than EX. EX has all the features of PRO, plus extra features that are useful for creating multi-page projects.

How do I export from clip studio paint?

Export (Single Layer)

  1. · In EX, all pages in the work can be exported together by selecting the [Page Manager] window. …
  2. Click [Advanced settings of color] to open the dialog box. …
  3. Applies the settings and opens the [Export preview] dialog box.

How long does a clip studio paint license last?

The license will be effective for 1 year, with automatic annual renewal.

Does clip studio paint expire?

*Wacom Intuos comes with a “CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO 24-month license”. After the end of the 24-month period, you can upgrade to CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO at a special price with no expiration date, or use CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT free of charge.

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Is CSP ex Worth?

I’ve been using it for my comic and other doodles, it’s well worth the price. I have dipped my hands in many various art programs, my preference is still CSP. Photoshop and Painter just felt too bulky for my work.