Quick Answer: How To Send Text Instead Of Imessage Ios 10?

Go to settings and turn off iMessage.

Send your message.

(Optional) go back to settings and turn iMessage back on.

I just verified that this works in iOS 10.

How do I send a text as a text message instead of an iMessage?

To send a traditional text rather than through iMessage on a per-message basis, just do the following on your iPhone:

  • Tap and hold on the message you want to send as a text.
  • From the pop-up menu, select “Send as Text Message”

How do I send a text instead of iMessage 2018?

Send messages as texts on a manual basis

  1. Go to Settings > Messages.
  2. Toggle Send as SMS switch to off.
  3. When iMessage is unavailable, individual messages will not send. Tap and hold these individual messages until you get an option menu.
  4. Tap Send as Text Message.

How do I change from iMessage to text for one contact iOS 10?

My solution to this is simple:

  • On your iPhone, go to the Message app.
  • Tap the “New Message” icon.
  • In the To field, select the Contact that you wish to stop sending texts via iMessage to.
  • In the message field, type “?” and tap the Send button.
  • Hold your finger on the new text “bubble” and select “Send as Text Message”.

What is the difference between iMessage and text?

If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you can send iMessages without using your cellular data or text messaging plan. iMessage is faster than SMS or MMS: SMS and MMS messages are sent using different technology than your iPhone uses to connect to the internet.

How do I force text message instead of iMessage?

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  1. Send an iMessage, but as it’s sending, tap and hold on the message itself.
  2. You should see an option to ‘Send as Text Message’ (if iOS text to speech is enabled, tap the right arrow to reveal it). Tap it.
  3. Voila!

Why are my messages being sent as text and not iMessage?

This could be caused if there is no Internet connection. If the option to “Send as SMS” is turned off, the iMessage will not be delivered until the device is back online. You can force an undelivered iMessage to be sent as a regular text message regardless of the “Send as SMS” setting.

How do I change from iMessage to text for one contact?


  • Make sure both the sender and receiver are connected to the internet.
  • Open your iPhone’s Settings.
  • Tap Messages.
  • Slide the “iMessage” switch to On.
  • Slide the “Send as SMS” switch to Off.
  • Scroll down and tap Send & Receive.
  • Select your email address and phone number.
  • Press the Home button to return to the home screen.

How do you send an iMessage as a text message iOS 11?

How to Activate Text Message Forwarding in iOS 11

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Messages.
  3. Tap Send & Receive.
  4. Tap Use your Apple ID for iMessage.
  5. Tap Sign in to use your Apple ID for iMessage, or tap Select Other Apple ID and then enter the login credentials for the account you want to use.

How do I change from iMessage to text message on iPhone 7?

How to Force Text Messages By Turning Off iMessage on Your iPhone

  • Step 1: Tap the Settings icon.
  • Step 2: Scroll down and select the Messages option.
  • Step 3: Tap the button to the right of iMessage to turn it off. The setting is turned off when there is no green shading around the button.

Can I turn off iMessage for just one contact?

Double click the text if you have already sent it. Then you will have an option as sending it as a text messages and hopefully it will go through. You might want to try heading over to your iMessage setting (located in Settings > Messages) and toggle the switch to turn iMessage off then back on again.

Why does iMessage not work for one person?

First off, make sure “Send as SMS” is enabled in Settings > Messages. This makes it so a message will be send as a regular text message if iMessage doesn’t work. If it still won’t send, try turning iMessage off and on again.

Why are my contacts red in iMessage?

The Cause: Messages Contact in Red on iPad or Mac. The number you are trying to send a message to is not using iMessage and your Mac or iPad is attempting to send the message as SMS text message. This feature is called “Text Message Forwarding” and has been available since iOS 8.1 and OS X Yosemite.

Is iMessage considered a text message?

The simple answer is no. iMessage messages are not sent via your wireless provider, whether it be Verizon, AT&T, Orange or any other provider. These messages are managed and delivered by Apple, and as such have no impact on your text (SMS) or multimedia (MMS) messaging plans through your provider.

What does it mean when your iMessage says sent as text message?

When your text message has a blue background, it means that your message exchange happened via iMessage and that you sent or received your message to and from another iOS device.

Should iMessage be on or off?

Even with the iMessage slider turned off, your phone number is still associated with your Apple ID. Therefore, when other iPhone users send a message to you, it is sent as an iMessage to your Apple ID. But, since the slider is turned off, the message is not delivered to your iPhone.

How do you get a text message back to iMessage?

Go to Settings > Messages and Turn OFF and then back ON your iMessage option. Now open back Message and try to send a message to your friend ‘s iPhone, but make sure to use the button at the Top-Left corner to find your friend and start the conversation, don’t just open your recent chat with him/her.

How do you resend a text message on iPhone?

How to Resend a Message from iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Message app and go to the message thread that failed to send if you have not done so already.
  2. When you see the red “Not Delivered” statement under a failed message, tap the on the red (!) button next to the message.
  3. Choose “Try Again” to resend the message.

How do I make it not show names when I get a text message?

Go to Settings, then Notifications, and tap on Messages. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see an option called Show Previews. Tap the little toggle button so that it is no longer green. Now when you get a text or iMessage from someone, you will only see the name of the person and not the message.

Will iMessage send as text if blocked?

You can still use iMessage to text your former contact, but they’ll never receive the message or any notification of a text received in their Messages app. There is one clue that you’ve been blocked, though. If the previous iMessage says Delivered but the most recent one doesn’t, it can mean that you’ve been blocked.

Am I blocked if iMessage sent as text?

This happens Because when you send iMessage and on that time receiver cannot receive iMessage due to data problem, iMessage revert into normal SMS. It shows as “sent as text message” below to message. You can send a few iMessage and check it. If the same thing happens, you have been blocked by him.

Why is my apple watch sending texts instead of iMessage?

Check your iMessage settings. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages and make sure that iMessage is turned on. Then tap Send & Receive and make sure that you’re using the same Apple ID that your Apple Watch is using. If you aren’t signed in, sign in to iMessage with your Apple ID.

How do I change from iMessage to text message on iPhone 8?

Open the Settings application by tapping the “Settings” icon on your iPhone’s home screen. Tap the “Messages” row to open the Messages screen. Tap the switch next to “iMessage” so that it reads “Off.” Your iPhone will now send all messages in text message format instead of using the iMessage service.

How do I stop sending iMessages to a non iPhone?

Here we go!

  • Switch off iMessage on your iPhone.
  • Take your phone number out of iCloud.
  • Have your closest friends and loved ones delete and re-add your phone number from their contact lists.
  • Ask your friends to hit “send as text message.”
  • Wait 45 days before dumping your iPhone for a new non-Apple phone.

How do I send iMessage instead of text?

Send your iMessages to contacts with email IDs. Enable Send as SMS under Settings -> Messages so that when iMessage fails, the message gets delivered as SMS. Of course, make sure you don’t overshoot your text allocation. If there’s still the red exclamation button, tap and hold on the message.

What does it mean when a name is red on iMessage?

When I’m in iMessage, what does it mean when the contact name comes up red? Answer: A: Answer: A: It means you cannot send an iMessage to the contact.

How do I add my number to iMessage?

Set up your phone number

  1. Go to Settings > Messages and make sure that iMessage is on.
  2. Tap Send & Receive.
  3. In the “You can receive iMessages” section, make sure that your phone number and Apple ID are selected.

What is not registered with iMessage?

The contact you are trying to text via iMessage needs to re-enable (or re-register) iMessage on their freshly updated iPhone. This happened to my wife and I. Make sure the slider is slid to green for it to allow messaging from computer or iPad, then your texts will send fine to everyone.

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