How To Save Battery On Ios 10?

10 tricks for saving your phone’s battery life

  • Figure out what’s sucking your battery. In Settings > Battery, you’ll get an overview of how much battery power each app is using.
  • Low Power Mode.
  • Fix your auto-lock.
  • Disable location services.
  • Turn of “Push” on your email accounts.
  • Turn on auto-brightness.
  • Turn off background auto-refresh.

How do I preserve my iPhone battery?

Here are the steps which will help extend the daily life of your iPhone battery with immediate effect.

  1. Reduce screen brightness or enable Auto-Brightness.
  2. Turn off location services or minimize their use.
  3. Turn off push notifications and fetch new data less frequently or manually.
  4. Disable Bluetooth.
  5. Disable 3G and LTE.

How do I save battery on iOS 12?

Top 15 Battery Saving Tips for iOS 12

  • Monitor Battery Usage.
  • Disable Background Refresh.
  • Disable Location Services.
  • Lower Brightness Levels.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi Assist.
  • Turn on Airplane Mode.
  • Reduce Auto-Lock Time Duration.
  • Deliver Quiet Notifications.

Why does my iPhone battery drain so fast?

To fix this problem, we’re going to change your iPhone from push to fetch. You’ll save a lot of battery life by telling your iPhone to check for new mail every 15 minutes instead of all the time. Tap on each individual email account and, if possible, change it to Fetch.

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