Question: How To Play Youtube In Background On Iphone Ios 10?

How do you get YouTube to play in the background on iPhone?

Here’s how this trick works:

  • Open the YouTube app, then start playing the video you want to play in the background.
  • Now press the Power / Lock / Sleep button quickly twice, the video should continue to play in the background while the device is locked.

How can I lock my phone and play YouTube?

Tap “Message,” lock your phone, and the audio will continue playing. Another option is to use Jasmine, a free YouTube app for iOS. In Jasmine, play a video, then, lock your phone and click the home button. You should see audio controls at the top of the lock screen.

How do I keep my music playing when my iPhone is locked?

You can also double tap the home button when the device is locked to show play/pause controls for the last-played music. Also, other apps continue to play when the device is locked such as Voice Memos.

2 Answers

  1. Opening
  2. Select song/album/playlist.
  3. Lock the device. The music will continue to play.

How do you play music in the background of YouTube?

* Go to settings (the three dots on the top right corner) and tap on the desktop tab. * You’ll be redirected to the desktop site of YouTube. * Play any music video you want to here and it will keep playing in the background while you use other apps or turn off the screen.

Can youtube play in the background on Iphone?

Until now. Using the YouTube app, iPhone or iPad users can keep listening to music while they get on with something else. To force YouTube audio to keep playing in the background, open up the relevant video and start it playing. Then press the home button so that the app closes, at which point the audio will stop.

How do I play music in the background on my Xbox one?

Audio from certain music apps will keep playing while you use other apps and games.

  • Launch a music app that supports background music, such as Spotify or Pandora.
  • Once music is playing, launch the game you want to play or app you want to use. Music will keep playing in the background.

How can I watch YouTube with my lock screen?

Go to the YouTube website within the browser, tap the settings (three dots) button at the top right of the page and tick request desktop site. Once you have completed the steps above, tap on a video to play it, and it will continue to play even after you lock your phone.

Can I put parental controls on YouTube app?

Go to and sign in to the account your child uses for YouTube. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen, then click on the Restricted Mode button. Click On to enable Restricted Mode, then click Save to save your settings. Enable Restricted Mode on all the devices your child uses.

How can I play YouTube videos with the screen off?

To do that, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install AudioPocket from the Play Store while it’s still available.
  2. Open the native YouTube app.
  3. Make a search for the video you would like to listen in the background / with your screen off.
  4. Press on the three vertical dots (⋮) next to the search result you were looking for.

Why does iPhone stop playing?

Go to the “Settings” app and then to “Cellular” and scroll down until you find the app(s) in question that are auto-playing music in the car from your iPhone. Turn the switch to the “OFF” position to stop them from using cellular data. This works to stop music auto-play streaming from Apple Music and the Music app.

How do I play continuous music on my iPhone?

On your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device

  • At the top of any playlist or album, you’ll see a Shuffle button to the right of Play. Tap Shuffle to start playback of the music in random order.
  • When you play music, a player appears at the bottom or lower-right corner of the screen.

Where is auto lock on iPhone?

How to turn off Auto-Lock on your iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Tap on Display & Brightness.
  3. Tap on Auto Lock.
  4. Tap on the Never option.

What are background apps?

To do this, open the Settings screen, tap General, and tap Background App Refresh. Disable background refresh for an app and it won’t have permission to run in the background. You can also check just how much battery power those apps are using. Other cases of apps running in the background are more obvious.

How do you play music while playing a game?

How to Override In-App Audio and Listen to Your own Music

  • Step 1: Open the app or game you wish you play, and then plug in your headphones.
  • Step 2: Double press the home button to activate multitasking and swipe to the left.
  • Step 3: While the play button appears to be disabled, the remote in the headphones is not. Simply press play on the remote and return to the app.

Can you play audio only on YouTube?

Actually,it is impossible to play audio only in iOS YouTube App. But,if you’re only want to listen the audio,minimise the video and listen it by EarPods.You have to keep open the YouTube app. However, the only issue is that you cannot play every video. Only music videos play in the background.

Can Android Youtube Play in background?

Don’t open up the YouTube app, stay in Chrome. Next up, you must pause the video and then switch to another tab or app. The volume notification will remain in place, hit play, and you can continue to listen to the video in the background. It’s that simple, but the video at the top can also guide you through the steps.

How do I make youtube screen smaller?

Make Your YouTube Screen Smaller. When you press “Ctrl-minus sign,” your browser shrinks everything on a Web page by a small increment and this is how to make your YouTube screen smaller. Press this key combination repeatedly on a YouTube page until the video is as small as you like it.

How do I keep my music playing when my Android screen is off?

Allow apps to operate on Screen Lock – steps below:

  1. Open “Settings”
  2. Tap on “Battery”
  3. “Close apps after screen lock”
  4. Scroll down to “Wynk Music” – switch to “Don’t close”

How can I play music from my Iphone to my Xbox one?

How to play Apple Music on Xbox One

  • Open the Music app on your iOS device.
  • Find a song to play.
  • Press the AirPlay icon at the bottom of the playback screen, represented by an upwards facing arrow and three rings.
  • Select XboxOne 1080p 30 to establish the connection. Apple Music will begin streaming to your Xbox One.

What apps support background music XBOX one?

Best Xbox One background music apps

  1. Pandora. Available for US, Australia, and New Zealand, the app can stream music online, and with Xbox One it works in the background.
  2. iHeartRadio.
  3. Simple Background Music Player.
  4. Spotify.
  5. Stream Music from your PC over DLNA.
  6. MyTube.
  7. SoundCloud.

How do I play music through my Xbox?

Plug the sync cable of your portable media player into a USB port on the front of your Xbox 360 console.

  • Start a game, and then press the Guide button on your controller.
  • Go to Media.
  • Choose Select Music.
  • Select the location of the music you want to hear (hard drive or a connected media player).

How do you get youtube to play in the background on Android?

Avoid the YouTube App

  1. Search for the video you want to play.
  2. Once the site refreshes, press the start button to play the video.
  3. Swipe down to reach the control center, and find the video in your settings.
  4. Turn off your screen, or switch to another app, and YouTube will continue to play.
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