How do you select all in Unix?

How do you select all files in Linux?

How To “Select All” In Vim/Vi?

  1. Use ggVG To Select All. All content of a file can be selected by using the Visual Mode of Vim or Vi. …
  2. Use 99999yy To Select and Copy All. …
  3. Use $yy To Select and Copy All. …
  4. Select and Delete All Lines. …
  5. Select and Copy All Lines. …
  6. Select All In Gvim.

How do you select all in Linux terminal?

The keyboard shortcut for Select All is Ctrl+A .

How do I select all text in Vi?

12 Answers. The simplest and fastest way is to use: : % y + and then go over to Google Docs (or wherever) and paste. Explanation: % to refer the next command to work on all the lines.

How do you copy all in Unix?

To copy to clipboard, do ” + y and [movement]. So, g g ” + y G will copy the whole file. Another easy way to copy the entire file if you’re having problems using VI, is just by typing “cat filename”. It will echo the file to screen and then you can just scroll up and down and copy/paste.

How do I copy and paste in vi?

Press d to cut or y to copy. Move the cursor to the place where you want to paste. Press p to paste contents after the cursor or P to paste before the cursor.

How do you select multiple lines in vi?

Place your cursor anywhere on the first or last line of the text you want to manipulate. Press Shift+V to enter line mode. The words VISUAL LINE will appear at the bottom of the screen. Use navigation commands, such as the Arrow keys, to highlight multiple lines of text.

How do I select all in terminal?

Go to the top of the terminal tab/tile of your target the document. Press ctrl + shift paint some text, go with the mouse to the scroll bar (do not release ctrl + shift), move to the desired bottom. Then click/paint with the mouse and you will be selecting from the desired begining to the desired end.

How do I select in terminal?

To select and copy a region of text using the keyboard in Terminal, select Edit -> Keyboard Selection -> Start Keyboard Selection, or (much easier) press Command-Option-Return. Nothing will appear to have changed, but the arrow keys will now move the cursor away from its current row, and back up into the prior output.

How do you select all and delete in vi?

Delete All Lines

  1. Press the Esc key to go to normal mode.
  2. Type %d and hit Enter to delete all the lines.

How do I copy text from Notepad to Vi?

Just use ( esc ) :%y+ . This will copy the entire document to your clipboard. Then you can go to notepad++, or whatever else you want to use, and paste it with a right click.

How do I delete all content in vi?

Immediately after opening a file, type “gg” to move the cursor to the first line of the file, assuming it is not already there. Then type dG to delete all the lines or text in it.

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