How do I transfer my Terraria world to iOS?

With the new system you cannot upload characters and worlds to the cloud, so Figured out that on Apple devices you can go to the files app and go to the “on this iPad/iPhone” section and find the terraria folder. Then you can copy the folder and paste it in your iCloud Drive and download it to your new device.

Can you transfer Terraria worlds?

Yes, if you wish to have both worlds on your PC (assuming that’s the destination computer), you need to rename the transferred file to “world2. wld”. Otherwise, the older one will be replaced by the newer one.

How do you copy a world in Terraria mobile?

  1. Open up the Files App and navigate to the location you uploaded your files. If you followed the first half of this guide, you will find them at iCloud >”Terraria Backups”. …
  2. Choose “On My iPad” (or “On My iPhone”), then “Terraria”, then “Worlds”
  3. Tap “Copy”

27 авг. 2019 г.

How do I export my Terraria world?

The files you need to transfer are in Documents/My Games/Terraria. The player files are in the Players folder, and the world files in the Worlds folder. If you copy both these folders and then merge them with the folders on your PC, then that should work.

Where are my Terraria worlds saved?

If you’re on a PC, type %USERPROFILE%DocumentsMy GamesTerrariaWorlds into your file explorer’s search bar. If your world is on Cloud Save, enter Terraria and take it off for a moment. Go back to the worlds folder, and it should be there.

Can you transfer Terraria characters from IOS to PC?

4 Answers. My intuition is that this is not currently possible. The mobile version is on a different content patch, but there are also quite a number of things that are mobile only. Moreover, the mobile version is made by a different developer group than the PC version.

How do I get my old Terraria character back IOS?

There are no ways to recover your world, unless it was on cloud save, or the old device is working. If it was on cloud save: Just download back your save.

Can you transfer Terraria characters from Mobile to PC?

Terraria Mobile players can transfer world saves to PC version, here’s how [Android] Access Terraria mobile files within internal storage. Open “files” app, commonly found in most Android devices.

Can you transfer Terraria characters from Xbox to PC?

1 Answer. Save files between platforms are not compatible. Generally, console and PC versions of Terraria are very different, and the console versions are often behind as well. There used to be ways to do it between Xbox 360 and PC, which involved copying files and converting them with a tool someone made.

Can you transfer Terraria characters from ps4 to PC?

No, that is not possible, and it’s unlikely it will ever be. Apart from the deeper technical differences between the two versions, console is running 1.3. 0.7 (approximately), while the PC version is running 1.3. 5.3, so they’re still very different.

What does move to cloud mean in Terraria?

By moving a player or world to the cloud, you can then access and play using that player or world from a different computer that is logged into the same Steam account, and has Terraria installed.

What happened to my Terraria character?

Recover your files from the . bak files: Located in Terraria’s default save location which is DocumentsMy GamesTerraria you should see a worlds and player folder. Click on whichever folder that applies to you and see if there are any . bak files of your old or missing characters.

Can you change your eye color in Terraria?

There’s one thing that has been irking me for a while: there’s no way to change the eye color or skin color of your characters. Heck, you can already change their genders.

How do you download Terraria characters?

First, you want to go back to your old account and locate your Terraria folder (this is often located in: DocumentsMy Games). Once you’ve found your Terraria folder, you can simply go into the “Players” and “Worlds” folders, and copy the player and World folders you want onto a flash drive.

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