How do I open the current directory in Linux?

You can use, nautilus . and press enter to open the current directory.

How do I open the current working directory in Linux?

Terminal to Finder

The “pwd” command will output the full path to the “present working directory,” and the “open” command will then open this directory in the Finder. This command is useful especially when you are navigating through hidden directories using the Terminal.

How do I open the current directory in terminal?

7 Answers

  1. To open a Folder from terminal type the following, nautilus /path/to/that/folder. or xdg-open /path/to/the/folder. i.e nautilus /home/karthick/Music xdg-open /home/karthick/Music.
  2. Simply typing nautilus will take you file browser, nautilus.

What is the symbol for current directory?

Directory names in a path are separated with / on Unix, but on Windows. .. means ‘the directory above the current one’; . on its own means ‘the current directory’.

How do I open a directory?

Type cd folderName to open a folder in your directory.

For example, in your User folder you can type cd documents and press ↵ Enter to open your Documents folder.

How do I open a directory in Unix?


  1. mkdir dirname — make a new directory.
  2. cd dirname — change directory. You basically ‘go’ to another directory, and you will see the files in that directory when you do ‘ls’. …
  3. pwd — tells you where you currently are.

How do I change directories in terminal?

To change directories, use the command cd followed by the name of the directory (e.g. cd downloads ). Then, you can print your current working directory again to check the new path.

Is the current directory?

The current directory is the directory in which a user is working at a given time. Every user is always working within a directory. … The command prompt in bash, which is the default shell on Linux, contains the name of the user, the name of the computer and the name of the current directory.

What is the current directory in Linux?

To determine the exact location of the current directory at a shell prompt and type the command pwd. This example shows that you are in the user sam’s directory, which is in the /home/ directory. The command pwd stands for print working directory.

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