How do I bypass Microsoft account on Windows 8?

How do I use Windows 8.1 without a Microsoft account?

Installing Windows 8.1 Without Microsoft Account

  1. Step 1: Begin installing Windows 8.1 either using a USB drive or a bootable DVD. …
  2. Step 2: Here, Click the option titled Create a new account to see Create a Microsoft account screen.

How do I remove a Microsoft account from Windows 8?

Go to Desktop > Charm > Control Panel > User account > Manage another account > select the old user account. Click or tap Delete user account. Decide whether you want to keep the old account’s files. If you want, click Keep files, if you’re not, click Delete files.

Does Windows 8.1 require a Microsoft account?

When you install or upgrade to Windows 8.1, you’ll be forced to create a Microsoft account or use an existing Windows Live account to log on your computer. There is no option to setup a local account during the installation. Microsoft account is now the preferred sign-in type since Windows 8.

How do I install Windows 8.1 without a product key?

The fastest and easiest way to install Windows 8.1 without a product key is by creating a Windows installation USB drive. We need to download a Windows 8.1 ISO from Microsoft if we haven’t already. Then, we can use a 4GB or larger USB flash drive and an app, such as Rufus, to create a Windows 8.1 installation USB.

How do I change the Microsoft account on Windows 8?

To change an existing user’s account, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the screen’s bottom-left corner and choose Control Panel from the pop-up menu. …
  2. Click to open the Control Panel’s User Accounts and Family Safety category.
  3. Click the User Accounts link and then click the Manage Another Account link.

How do I change my Microsoft account on Windows 8 laptop?

Switch the Microsoft Account Connected to Windows 8.1

  1. Open the Charms bar, click on “Settings”, and then click “Change PC Settings”
  2. Click on “Accounts” and then click on “Your account”
  3. Click “Disconnect” to remove the currently attached Microsoft account.

How do you delete an administrator account on Windows 8?

Thank you for keeping us posted. a) Click on the “Windows key + X” and then select “Computer Management”. b) Now, select “Local users and groups” and then “Users”. c) Now, Right Click on the account that you want to delete and click “Delete“.

How do I crack a Windows 8 password from a locked computer?

Type “control userpasswords2” in the command prompt and hit “Enter”. Step 3. To bypass the Windows 8 password screen while logging in/booting uncheck “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”. It disables all the users” login passwords on that computer.

How do I recover my administrator password for Windows 8?

On the screen, click your Windows 8.1 system, click the password forgotten admin account, then click Reset Password button. Then the admin password will be reset to blank or can say removing password. Finally, click Reboot button and take out the bootable USB device or CD/DVD.

How can I reset my laptop password without losing Windows 8?

Choose Windows Type, then select the Username of which you want to change password. Select the “Reset” option, and after that, click “Reboot” to reboot your computer. Finally, you have successfully reset the password of Windows 8.

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