How do I add a space to a directory in Linux?

How do I add a space in Linux?


  1. Shut down the VM from Hypervisor.
  2. Expand the disk capacity from settings with your desired value. …
  3. Start the VM from the hypervisor.
  4. Login to virtual machine console as root.
  5. Execute below command to check the disk space.
  6. Now execute this below command to initialize the expanded space and mount it.

How do you put a space in a directory name?

You can enter a command line parameter that references directory and file names with spaces without using quotes by removing the spaces and shortening the names to eight characters. To do this, add a tilde (~) and a number after the first six characters of each directory or file name containing a space.

Can Linux folders have spaces?

It is never recommended to use space in filenames, directories in Linux, because it makes data copying and other tasks associated with using filenames/directory names difficult.

How do I change the size of a directory in Linux?

How to Get the Size of a Directory in Linux

  1. Option 1: Display the Size of a Directory Using the du Command.
  2. Option 2: Get Size of Directory in Linux Using tree Command.
  3. Option 3: Find the Size of a Linux Directory Using ncdu Command.

How do I add more space to my variable?

If you want to separate /var from your root volume, just create a new volume, copy all the /var contents to it, rename or remove your existing /var folder, create a new /var directory and mount the new volume on it.

How do I add more disk space to Ubuntu?

To do so, right-click the unallocated space and select New. GParted will walk you through creating the partition. If a partition has adjacent unallocated space, you can right-click it and select Resize/Move to enlarge the partition into the unallocated space.

How do you handle a space in a directory in Linux?

2 Answers. As the folder you want to connect has spaces in the name, you must surround the name with quotes in order for the Shell to read it correctly (as one name). In other case it will read only the Sublime and this doesn’t exist. Another way to avoid this issue, is to use Tab Completion.

How do I add a space in Unix?

How it works: s/(. {1})/ /g will add a space, after each 1 character. So it will add a space, after each 2 characters.

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