How did Android 17 hurt Jiren?

How did 17 survive Jiren?

The truth about Android 17

However, this character is a modified human. … The reason why he survived the amazing collisions between Jiren and Goku, leading to the destruction of the platform, and to him being buried in debris, is that Android 17 has great vitality thanks to the core of infinite energy inside him.

How did Android 17 survive self destructing?

The fighter is powerful enough to not need a bomb for such an act; Android 17 just needed his energy to self destruct. In order to blow himself up, Android 17 raised his power to such an extreme level that he exploded. The fighter used his self-sacrifice to divert an attack which Jiren sent at Goku and Vegeta.

Why did Jiren get nerfed?

After fighting SSGB Goku and Vegeta with King Kai Fist and Evolution, Jiren is noticeably nerfed, as before Goku with King Kai Fist couldn’t even push Jiren and now the effort of Goku and Vegeta with Evolution (which to seem seems quite on pair with Goku with King Kai Fist) are able to fighting back against Jiren seems …

Is 17 stronger than a cell?

17 and his sister, Android 18, had comparable power levels in the Cell Saga, but 17 has surpassed her by a wide margin.

Did they nerf ultra instinct Goku?

It seems that Ultra Instinct Goku is, at long last, receiving some fairly significant nerfs after being deemed top tier since his release. … This nerfed has also been inherited by Ultra Instinct Goku’s Z Assist A. Going forward, players will want to use this for its anti-air properties.

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