How can I use my phone as a microphone on Linux?

If your phone has an audio jack, you can connect an aux cable from it to your desktop’s microphone jack. Then just install an app that redirects your phone’s microphone input out of the speaker such as Microphone.

How can I use my phone as a microphone for my computer?

Then grab either the Android or iOS app. Launch the PC program. Go to Connection > Connect and choose a Transport type.

On the phone WO Mic app:

  1. Tap the settings cog.
  2. Tap Transport and select USB.
  3. Go back to the previous screen and tap the play icon to activate your phone’s microphone.

How can I use my phone as a USB mic?


  1. Connect your mic’s USB connector to an OTG adaptor. You can get either a micro-USB or USB Type-C adaptor based on what port your phone has.
  2. Now, plug the OTG adaptor into your phone.
  3. Open an app that supports an external mic. …
  4. Once the mic is connected, you can start recording the audio.

Can I use my phone as a Bluetooth microphone?

Go to your Playstore, search for ‘Microphone’, download and install the app. Connect your Bluetooth speaker with your device and open the app, the sound might not be perfect at first but you can always adjust the settings and control to get the desired Mic effect.

Is there an app that turns your phone into a microphone?

MyVoice. MyVoice is among the best microphone apps for Android. You can easily use your smartphone as a microphone, voice recorder, and loudspeaker. This is a versatile app to make your day.

How do I use Google as a mic on my phone?

Step 1: If you are in the meeting, click More > select Use a phone for Audio option. Step 2: If you are using, select the meeting > select Join > select Use a phone for audio. Step 3: Click Call me. Step 4: Enter your phone number.

Can I use iPhone as a microphone?

With Apple’s Live Listen, your iPhone or iPad can act as a microphone, and send the sound to your AirPods. In doing so, you can now hear conversations in noisy situations.

Can you connect a condenser mic to a phone?

If you decide to use a condenser microphone you will most likely need to purchase a device that can convert the XLR connector of the microphone to the small 1/8” (3.5mm) connector of your smart device, as well as provide the phantom power that condenser microphones require.

How do I use my phone as a mic for zoom?

If you’re using the Zoom desktop client or mobile app, sign in to Zoom, then click or tap Phone. Dial and call *8378. Speak into your mic. Zoom Phone will automatically play back the audio.

How do I use my phone as a voice amplifier?

Place your phone near a TV or speaker, then use your Bluetooth headphones. You’ll hear audio in your headphones while the sound remains at a comfortable volume for others. Use Sound Amplifier for video and audio playing on your device. This option is available for Pixel phones with Android 10.

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