Frequent question: How do I find friends on iOS 13?

In iOS 13 or later, use the Find My app instead, or the Find People app on watchOS 6 or later. If you have iOS 13, iPadOS, or macOS Catalina or later, the Find My app combines Find My iPhone and Find My Friends into a single app. Set up the Find My app and turn on Find My [device] to get started.

Where is find friends on iOS 13?

Launch the Find My app on your device. You will see three tabs at the bottom section of your screen. To the left corner, you will notice the two people that used to symbolise the original Find My Friends app. Click on it and you will see a display with a list of people that you have shared your location data with.

Why can’t I Find My Friends on iPhone?

Why Find My Friends Location Not Available for Friends

Your friend might have the wrong date on their device. Your friend’s device is off or isn’t connected to cellular or Wi-Fi. Your friend turned on Hide My Location in Find My Friends. Your friend turned off Location Services.

How do I use Find My Friends?

Go to your Find My App and swipe up on the “People” Tab. At the bottom, locate the “+” option for “Share my Location.” Select the friend who’s location you would like to have and share your location with them.

Where is Find My Friends in iPhone settings?

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and make sure it’s turned on. Go to Find Friends in the list of apps under Location Services, and select While Using. Go back to your home screen by pressing the Home button, and tap the Find My Friends app.

Where is my Find My Friends app?

Open the Find My app and you’ll see three tabs at the bottom of your display. You’ll see the two people that originally symbolised the Find My Friends app logo in the bottom left corner. Tap on this tab and you’ll find the list of your friends and family that you have shared location data with.

How can I track my friends location?

Find someone’s location

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app​ .
  2. Tap your profile picture or initial. Location sharing.
  3. Tap the profile of the person you want to find. To update the person’s location: Tap on a friend’s icon More. Refresh.

Why is find my friends not working on iPhone 12?

Your friend might need to correct the date on their device. Tap Settings > General > Date & Time. The device is off or isn’t connected to cellular or Wi-Fi. Your friend turned on Hide My Location in Find My Friends.

Why can’t I see my sons location on iPhone?

It sounds like you have some Screen Time settings enabled. You can check this in Settings > Screen Time > [child’s name] > Content & Privacy Restrictions. > Share My Location. Ensure “Allow” is selected.

Why won’t find my friends refresh location?

In my experience when someone’s location won’t refresh but others will, it is because that person has turned off location services through their phone settings. Or they just might have bad service.

Do my friends know when I use Find My Friends?

No. When sharing location with friends using Find My Friends, the other person doesn’t know how many times their friends have looked them up. They don’t get any notification or there isn’t any log of lookup incidents made available to them. The location is sent from the friends device only when you request to see it.

Is there a free Find My Friends app?

Find My Friends (Android, Free)

Via a map based interface, you can locate where your friends are at any time and vice versa for them. The bonus feature in Find My Friends is that you can also chat with your friends while they’re en route to meeting up with you, or simply to be nosy and see what they’re up to.

How can I Find My Friends location by mobile number?

The 7 Best Free Android Apps to Find Your Friends via GPS

  1. Download: Glympse (Free)
  2. Download: Family Locator (Free, in-app purchases available)
  3. Download: A-GPS Tracker (Free, in-app purchases available)
  4. Download: Geo Tracker (Free, in-app purchases available)
  5. Download: Google Maps (Free)

Can I use Find My iPhone to find a friends phone?

Following the release of iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1, Apple now allows anyone with an Apple ID to use the Find My app on another person’s iPhone or iPad to locate their own device if it’s gone missing. … Once the page has loaded, sign into your iCloud account using your ‌Apple ID‌ and password.

How do you use Find My Friends on iOS 14?

Head to the People tab and select Start Sharing Location. You’ll then need to choose the contact who you’d like to share your location with. When you tap Send, you’ll also be able to choose how long you want to share your location for: an hour, the rest of the day, or until you turn it off.

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