Can install Mac OS X Lion this item is temporarily unavailable?

How do I fix this item is temporarily unavailable when reinstall OS X?

How to fix “This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable…” error

  1. Make sure the Apple ID is correct. People are encountering this error only after inputting their Apple ID. …
  2. Clean outdated system junk. …
  3. Set up the correct date and time. …
  4. Check if Apple ID is signed in. …
  5. Check your Mac for malware.

When I try to reinstall Mac OS It says this item is temporarily unavailable?

The reason why you are getting this “This item is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later” error on your computer is because of the Apple ID you are using to log in. If your Apple ID is not associated with an Apple OS you will continuously get this annoying pop-up.

Why is OS X Lion temporarily unavailable?

It is highly likely that you are experiencing this issue because your Apple ID is not associated with an Mac OS. You can resolve this issue this also. … Then go to (link) and sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password. Now go back to the utilities window (install screen) and try again.

Can you still reinstall Mac OS X Lion?

Reinstalling while keeping files, applications, and settings

Restart your computer, and immediately hold down command-r until the gray Apple logo appears. If prompted, select your main language and then click the arrow. Click Reinstall OS X, and then Continue.

Why is the app store temporarily unavailable?

According to users, This item is temporarily unavailable error can appear if you’re signed in with the incorrect Apple ID. To fix this problem, you need to sign in with the correct Apple ID that was used when setting up the operating system or that was used to purchase/download apps from the App Store.

Why is my account temporarily unavailable?

The error message “Account Temporarily Unavailable” means there is a connection issue, or the site has been taken down for maintenance. Normally if you close the site and reopen it the message will go away, and you can continue with your transaction.

How do I reinstall Mac OS without Apple ID?

If you install the OS from a USB stick, you don’t have to use your Apple ID. Boot from the USB stick, use the Disk Utility before installing, erase your computer’s disk partitions, and then install.

How do you restore Internet on a Mac?

Here is how to use MacOS Internet Recovery:

  1. Shut down your Mac.
  2. Hold down Command-Option/Alt-R and press the Power button. …
  3. Hold down those keys until you a spinning globe and the message “Starting Internet Recovery. …
  4. The message will be replaced with a progress bar. …
  5. Wait for the MacOS Utilities screen to appear.

How do I reinstall Mac OS from USB?

Simply plug your created USB drive into an open USB port on your Mac. Power on the system, or restart it if it’s already on. Immediately press and hold the Option (Alt) key on your keyboard when it starts booting. You should now see an option to select your USB drive as a startup disk.

How do you reset a Mac lion?

If your Mac is currently running Lion 10.7 or later, then you can restore your computer to factory settings with the OS X Recovery tool .

  1. Restart your computer and hold down “Command-R” as your Mac boots up.
  2. Click on “Disk Utility” and select your computer’s hard drive from the sidebar.

How do I wipe my Mac hard drive and reinstall OS?

If you’re reinstalling on a Mac notebook computer, plug in the power adapter.

  1. Start up your computer in macOS Recovery: …
  2. In the Recovery app window, select Disk Utility, then click Continue.
  3. In Disk Utility, select the volume you want to erase in the sidebar, then click Erase in the toolbar.

How do I reinstall OSX without disc?

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Turn your Mac on, while holding the CMD + R keys down.
  2. Select “Disk Utility” and click on Continue.
  3. Select the startup disk and go to the Erase Tab.
  4. Select the Mac OS Extended (Journaled), give a name to your disk and click on Erase.
  5. Disk Utility > Quit Disk Utility.
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