Your question: What is Vi and Vim in Linux?

Vi and Vim are both text editors available in Linux. … Vi is the universal text editor of Linux. If you know how to use the Vi text editor, you can edit any text file on any mode and version of Linux. Vim is simply an improved version of Vi, but unlike Vi, Vim is not universal.

What is vim used for?

Vim is just a text editor. That’s it. If you’re used to using Notepad (Windows), Sublime Text (Windows / Mac), Atom (Windows / Mac), Nano (Linux), or any text editor, Vim is just another program that allows you to write and edit text.

Is using Vim worth it?

Definitely yes. If you are a power user, who edits text-files regularly, and you want syntax-highlighting on many different scripting languages/log file types, probably working in the console on a linux machine, vim is a must!

What is the difference between P and P in Vim?

p and P always work the same way: p puts text after the cursor, P puts text before the cursor.

It’s highly configurable and comes with notable features such as syntax highlighting, mouse support, graphical versions, visual mode, many new editing commands and a large amount of extension plus much more. With that said, below are the top reasons why you would consider primarily using Vi/Vim text editor in Linux.

What are the two modes of vi?

Two modes of operation in vi are entry mode and command mode.

What are the three modes in vi?

The three modes of vi are:

  • Command mode: in this mode, you can open or create files, specify cursor position and editing command, save or quit your work . Press Esc key to return to Command mode.
  • Entry mode. …
  • Last-Line mode: when in Command mode, type a : to go into the Last-Line mode.

Where is vi located in Linux?

you’ll get a dump of file names, which will tell you where the bulk of the vim installation is. You’ll see that on Debian and Ubuntu, most of Vim’s files are in /usr/share/ .

Which vim is best?

6 Best Vi/Vim-Inspired Code Editors for Linux

  1. Kakoune Code Editor. Kakoune is a free, open source, interactive, fast, completely customizable and scriptable Vim-inspired code editor with a client/server architecture. …
  2. Neovim. …
  3. Amp Text Editor. …
  4. Vis – Vim-like Text Editor. …
  5. Nvi – Node. …
  6. Pyvim – Pure Python Vim Clone.

Is vim hard to learn?

Learning curve

But the reason is not that Vim is so hard, but because they have strict expectations about text editing process in general. The reality is that Vim is pretty simple and you can learn basics in a one day. Like any other tool, the more experience you have the easier to learn new features.

Which is better nano or vim?

Vim and Nano are completely different terminal text editors. Nano is simple, easy to use and master while Vim is powerful and tough to master. To differentiate, it will be better to list some features of them.

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