Your question: What is COM SEC Android app Popupuireceiver used for?

It’s the app that gives you system messages. Like if you restart your phone and you have data turned off, it’ll pop up a message telling you your data is off.

What is COM SEC Android camera used for?

The sec is an acronym for Samsung Electronics Co., LTD. The Android. It’s a program module (“app”) that manages camera settings. Don’t delete it or disable it, or your camera will stop working.

What is PopupuiReceiver on Android phone?

PopupuiReceiver runs when mobile data is turned off. The app has to run in order to receive calls/texts/etc over WiFi only.

What is SEC phone on my Android?

phone? “com sec phone” is a package name of system app already provided by the distributor. It’s a pre install app which can be easily seen by us. You can find it in the Samsung doc list.

What is SEC Android app Sbrowser?

sec. android. … The sbrowser is similar to any other web browser found on an Android mobile device. It will store Internet history, cookies, and web page cache files.

What is Samsung SDM viewer used for?

By using the SDM, you can search your contacts and check call history of desk phone on your smartphone. And also you can make calls via your desk phone, after you dial a phone number searched on the smartphone.

What does Wssyncmlnps mean?

wssyncmlnps. apk is the Samsung updater service. Since you are not rooted, stopping it will only be temporary. While it is stopped, neither Kies nor OTA updates will work.

What is SEC ImsService?

Android 9 introduces a new SystemApi interface called ImsService to help you implement IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). The ImsService API is a well-defined interface between the Android platform and a vendor or carrier-provided IMS implementation.

What is SEC protect app?

What makes SecNotes special! Sec Note helps you keep all your personal data secure and safe on your android phone. store offering multiple security options like password protection, pattern lock or pin lock. hold of your phone, he won’t be able to read any of your notes even if he manages to root it!

What is a system dump mode?

System dump is an image of currently installed ROM. It usually contains system, vendor and boot partition. It’s like a backup of your currently installed ROM. … You restore these images by fastboot or any custom recovery. Developers also use system dump to create device tree and vendor tree of android devices.

How do you update Internet on Samsung?

If you’re an existing Samsung Internet user, you will receive a notification telling you a new version is available. You can also download the latest version of Samsung Internet browser on the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store.

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